TD Small Group Outings on Friday!

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Hey TD!

This Friday, each of our small groups will be hosting their own small group outings – at different places, doing different things, and meeting at different times. If you haven’t been contacted yet, please reach out to your small group leader to find all the info you need.

Have a great time!


Guess Which TD’er is in the 2018 Ignition Student Conference Promo Video!


Hey TD!

Just a quick post to say, look who made it in the Ignition 2018 promo video – our very own TD alumnus, 2017 CA So. Baptist Youth Speakers Tournament (YST) champion, Josh Chang! Josh is one in a long line of YST champions from TD that have given their speeches at the Ignition Student Conference in front of thousands of California teens.

Are you wondering if you should participate in YST this year? See your friendly neighborhood TD counselor and they will help you figure out if it whether it will be a good fit for you. It’s not too early to begin thinking, praying, and planning for it, if you do end up planning to participate. YST is for 10th – 12th graders.

TD Fri. – Meet a Very Special Couple


Hey TD!

I want to invite you to a special TD this Friday with a very special couple from Zimbabwe, Dan and Babs Izzett. Dan is on the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Mission, America’s oldest ministry to those affected with leprosy.  They came to visit TD a few years ago and will be back!

Dan and Babs are a very sweet couple who have a very meaningful story. You see, they both have leprosy. They have such tender hearts for the Lord and for people. You feel a tenderness and presence of Christ when you are with them. I’d love for you to feel that side of the Christian faith.

It will also be an opportunity for you to hear from those in a different stage in life and who have come from very different circumstances. Having both been diagnosed with leprosy, they’ve had to deal with its physical, spiritual, emotional, and social ramifications.
This would be a great opportunity for you and your family and friends to hear of the tenderness of God during difficult times.  See you at TD! – Arthur

TD Vlog – “How the Arts Can Deepen Your Faith” w/Jill Carattini

Hey Masterpieces of God!

This summer, while at ReFresh with in Atlanta with some TD’ers, I had a chance to spend some time with dear friend, Jill Carattini, writer extraordinaire on the deeper spiritual life, managing editor of Ravi Zacharias Int’l Ministries’ (RZIM) Slice of Infinity, and curator of RZIM’s formal art gallery, Stillpoint.

Jill agreed to come on camera with me and share with you TD’ers how the arts can deepen and energize your faith, and help you to get a greater apprehension of who we are. It’s spiritually insightful and very personal and vulnerable, reflecting her journey, my journey, … and for many of you … your journey. Where she was is where many of you are at. It will be a worthwhile viewing.

With Offerings 8 coming up on November 16, I thought this would be a great time to give you some inspiration and perspective, so you can prepare to give a meaningful offering to the Lord. Enjoy! – Arthur

TD Fri. – Engage! Living Life in HD (Pre-Party @ 7:15 p.m.)

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Hey TD!

Make plans to come to TD this Friday as we begin unveiling and exploring our theme for the year, Engage!: Living Life in HD. Now, before you start to say to yourself, Wait, doesn’t he know that we have 4K and 8K now?, yes, I do know that! However, HD has been chosen for a reason that we’ll share on Friday.

In addition to exploring our theme, we’ll also explore ways you can be actively involved in serving your fellow TD’ers.

We start the festivities at 7:15 p..m. with the TD Pre-Party! See you there! – Arthur

TD Fri. – TD Family Night

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Hey TD!

This Friday is TD Family Night! Woohoo!

This evening is for both you TD’ers and your families. It will be a time for us to bring our families together for an evening of TD! We will have a great time getting to know each other, worshiping, learning about TD, and having fun together as a TD family.  It’ll be from 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
We can only have TD Family Night if you families are present, so please make plans to have your families come and join us! Please RSVP with your small group leader.

Christian Love Defined

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Hey TD!

I read this devotion from Tabletalk recently and thought I should pass it on to you. It’s based on a chapter of Scripture I memorized long ago and recite each week to this day. May it help you in your “love” life! – Arthur

John 15:12–13

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”


In an age when love is frequently lauded but often misunderstood, we must have a proper view of love. Modern culture bombards us with messages telling us that love is a mere feeling, that we will never disapprove of those whom we truly love, and that everything done in the name of love is right. But the Scriptures instruct us otherwise. God’s Word makes it clear that true love is costly.

Jesus, in today’s passage, emphasizes the cost of love. Having told us to abide in His love (John 15:1–11), Jesus begins to unfold what abiding in His love looks like. Love means loving others as Jesus has loved us, particularly in laying down our lives for our friends (vv. 12–13). Our Savior obviously makes an allusion here to His atoning death on the cross that turns away the wrath of God (Rom. 3:21–26), and this means we must first consider what laying down our lives for our friends does not entail. After all, none of us is the spotless Lamb of God sent to save sinners, so none of us can lay down our lives in exactly the same manner as Jesus. Christian theologians have long recognized this truth. Augustine of Hippo, for example, comments on it at length in a sermon on today’s passage.

We cannot love others as Jesus has loved us in the sense of atoning for their sin; however, there are other ways in which we can imitate the love of Christ. For example, Christ loved us so much that He was willing to leave His place of glory with the Father in order to pay for our sins on the cross (Phil. 2:5–11). We, likewise, can refuse to exploit our privileges in order to meet the needs of others. Furthermore, Jesus spent His life in service to others, healing the sick and teaching God’s truth. Similarly, we can spend our lives in service to others, helping even those who seem the least deserving of our assistance and pointing people to Christ.

Some of us may literally have to die in order to save another person’s life, but that will be rare. More likely, we will lay down our lives in a multitude of smaller ways. Parents can set aside their right to rest quietly after a hard day of work in order to spend time with their children. Employers, when appropriate, can refrain from giving overly harsh but deserved criticism of employees in order to work alongside them and help them improve. Retirees can give up part of the spare time they labored years to earn in order to volunteer at their churches. Whatever our station in life, we should look for ways to spend our lives for the sake of others.


CORAM DEO Living before the face of God

Christian love is costly, and it looks for ways to give of itself to others. Every day, there are little ways we can sacrifice some of our rights and privileges in order to love others, especially those in the body of Christ. Let us look this day to give up something in order to do good to another person.

  • Ruth 4
  • Song of Solomon 8:6
  • Mark 14:3–9
  • 1 John 3:16–18