“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – TD Bible Study


Hey TD!

We hope you’ll join us as we engage in our first small group Bible Study of the year!  It’s manageable, with distinct direction, yet open-ended enough to allow for hearty discussion and learning.  Please work on the study BEFORE Friday and give God the opportunity to help you actually become the Christian you’ve become. Enjoy! – Arthur

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2Cor. 5:17

Below you’ll find links to the message and Bible study.

“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – Bible Study

“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – message (mp3) – Arthur

“‘Tell No One About Me’ – Jesus” Bible Study – Start Now!


Hey TD’ers,

All year, you’ve had a chance to dine on the rich spiritual meals that our fine biblical “chefs” have devotedly prepared for you, using their extensive experience, study, preparation, prayer, and TLC.  During our small group Bible studies, we have been working together to get you acclimated to get a good feel of basic Bible study habits and skills by

– cross referencing Scripture and looking up various passages to let the Bible speak for itself and give us answers

– learning for what things to look for and for the types of questions to ask when studying the Bible

– researching what others have said on the passage or topic

– studying for application and action

In our small groups over the last two months, the counselors have taken a step back to allow you to work with the message notes, just giving you starter questions and some resources to begin allowing your study to have a greater influence on our small group studies.  And it’s been great.

This week, we’re going to go one step further in having our small group study be “cooked” upon a totally new passage – not one developed from the a message/meal that has already been prepared for you.  We’re going to put you in the kitchen, give you the ingredients; and based on the skills and experience you’ve developed through the years,  we’re going to  have you pretty much prepare your own meal to bring to our small group Bible study “potluck” this Friday.  The topic is “‘Tell No One About Me’ – Jesus” and the passage is Luke 5:14-16.

Now let’s be frank, if you don’t prepare well, our small group times this Friday are going to  … well … basically, they’re going to stink.  So, please bring your skill, creativity, and heart to your preparation, bathe it in prayer and diligent and careful study,  and have a GREAT time! – Arthur

Here’s the mp3 for last Friday’s message:

“Full of Leprosy” Luke 5:12-13 (message – Arthur)

“The Beginning of the End” Bible Study is Here!

This Friday, we will further unpack and explore the beginning of of the end for Jesus as He begins His public life in Luke 14:14-30.  PLEASE download the study below NOW and work on completing it this week before TD.  Our small group times will be SO much better if we all spend some thoughtful time completing them. So, can you guys PLEASE work on it this week?  And when you do, please do not treat it like “another assignment.”  Carve out some daily time in your busy schedule to actually meet with God during this study.  This isn’t another Christian task to complete.  It’s an opportunity to meet up with your Best Friend and King.  THANK YOU in advance.

Eunice’s insightful message is below as well for listening and reviewing.

“The Beginning of the End” – Bible Study

“The Beginning of the End” – Eunice (message)