T&T Night This Friday!

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No question is off-limits and the answers may well make you blush; that’s how real and transparent T&T Night convos have gone in the past.

Hey TD!

We will have our annual T&T Night this Friday!  For those of you not in the know, this is when the girls all meet with the girls and … yep, you got it … the guys all meet with the guys to discuss and explore what God has called and designed us for … as future men and women, in particular.

During this unique time of being quarantined, we’ll also pay special attention to life at home – as male and female – and what that actually looks like and what it should look like … personally, relationally, familially, spiritually.  We’ll discuss struggles, vices, and how to overcome them.  We’ll also tackle questions from within our own groups.  No question is off-limits and the answers may well make you blush; that’s how real and transparent T&T Night convos have gone in the past.

We want all TD’ers to email your sg leaders at least one issue, question, or topic to discuss.  Let’s make the most of our time together and make it a great night!

Ask your sg leader for the link to your meeting.  Boys, DO NOT use the normal Friday TD Zoom link.

T&T Night on Friday! Info here

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Hey TD!

This Friday is T&T Night! For those of you who don’t know, T&T Night is the night where all the gals and all the guys meet together in our own gender groups to discuss and work through issues and topics relevant and pertaining to our genders.

THIS WOULD BE A GOOD NIGHT TO INVITE A FRIEND (perhaps an FFT friend), so they can interact with us and get to know us. They’ll also be able to see what a Christian approach to various issues looks and sounds like. Hopefully, they’ll be able to see that looking through God-centered biblical lenses is not only quite reasonable, but quite profitable as well. Obviously, the same goes for you TD’ers.


Girls – meet at 6 p.m. at church

Guys (potluck) – meet at 6:30 p.m. at Arthur’s home for Tri-Tip and more. Bring a main dish or a side dish.

Please RSVP with your small group leaders!

T&T Night This Friday!!!

Hey TD’ers!

This Friday night, we will be hosting our annual guys and gals night, affectionately known as T & T Night!  It’s always a blast, always delicious, always eye opening, and always edifying.   This is a very honest, frank, and open evening, where we’ll talk about anything and everything … aiming to find God’s perspective on the issues in our lives.

We will be meeting from 6:30 p.m. – 10-ish.  The girls will be meeting for dinner at Jenny’s house while the guys will be meeting at my house.

If you have any gender specific questions that you would like to make sure we discuss, let your counselors know.  Or, if you prefer anonymity, feel free to submit questions/ideas via the TD web site – http://www.td.mbcla.org.

Looking forward to another great time together! – Arthur