Guess Which TD’er is in the 2018 Ignition Student Conference Promo Video!


Hey TD!

Just a quick post to say, look who made it in the Ignition 2018 promo video – our very own TD alumnus, 2017 CA So. Baptist Youth Speakers Tournament (YST) champion, Josh Chang! Josh is one in a long line of YST champions from TD that have given their speeches at the Ignition Student Conference in front of thousands of California teens.

Are you wondering if you should participate in YST this year? See your friendly neighborhood TD counselor and they will help you figure out if it whether it will be a good fit for you. It’s not too early to begin thinking, praying, and planning for it, if you do end up planning to participate. YST is for 10th – 12th graders.


Congrats 2017 Youth Speakers!


2017 MBCLA Youth Speakers Team

(Back Row) Jay, Jaden, Evan, Daniel, Josh, Arthur
(Middle Row) Abigail, Katherine, Judy, Abigail, Clara, Rebecca, Sandra, Michelle
(Front Row) Harmony, Megan, Ashley, Angela (exhibition speaker)  (not pictured: Josh, Sissi)

Well, once again, God came through and changed minds, perspectives, and lives through the CA So. Baptist Youth Speakers Tournament process.  With two weeks less of preparation than usual, and a younger team than usual, neither coaches nor speakers were really sure they would be able to be ready in time for the tournament.  With a couple of speakers dropping out in the early weeks, a couple of more on the verge of dropping out halfway through, and coaches experiencing discouragement, the morale of the team was shaky.  But through prayer and perseverance, late nights, group chats, one-on-one conversations into the wee hours of the morning, Saturday practices, the team began turning the corner and began to build camaraderie, a team spirit, and a genuine enthusiasm and support for one another.  To say this was a 2 1/2 month spiritual boot camp would not be an overstatement.  There were tears, self-analysis, conviction, Aha! moments, humbling, encouragement, overcoming fear, understanding the gospel for the first time, surrendering to Christ, personal “demons” being slain.  You name it.  But the rewards of spiritual freedom and empowerment in Christ were well worth it.

In the end, true victories were had all the way around, and that’s what really matters. God moved. God slew. God held on. God embraced. God empowered. That’s what He does through the “Speakers Process” and this year proved no different.

We are extremely proud of each speaker and for what each of them had to overcome to complete this process.  You are true winners.  And sadly, we say goodbye to our seniors, Joshua Chang, Joshua Chuang, and Harmony Hung, who provided great leadership for our team this year.  You will be missed.

2017 CA So. Baptist Youth Speakers Tournament

As far as the actual Youth Speakers Tournament results, we’d like to congratulate Josh Chang and Michelle Chen for winning their respective tracks!  They are the latest in a long line 20170408_113941 of MBCLA Youth Speakers Tournament winners that will be charged to steward their entrustments well:

One track only:

2006: Kathy Hung (12th)
2007: Christine Winarko (12th)
______  Runner-up: Eunice Im (12th)
2009: Nathaniel Hsieh (10th)
______  Runner-up: Vincent Puu (10th)
2010: Clara Wong (12th)
______  Runner-up: Randall Hsieh (10th)

Two tracks:

2011: Isabel Shen (12th)
2013:       Runner-up: Daniel Hsieh (10th)
_______  Runner-up: Harvey Gan (12th)
2014: Daniel Hsieh (11th)
____  Joseph Chang (12th)
____  Alexandra Tagami (11th)
2015: Megan Lee (12th)
______   Runner-up: Aileen Wei (12th)
______   Runner-up: Judy Wu (12th)
____  Andrew Shi (12th)
______  Runner-up: Joshua Chang (10th)
2016: Angela Hsieh (10th)
2017: Joshua Chang (12th)
____  Michelle Chen (11th)

Andy’s Speech at Ignition ’15



Hey TD!

Here’s Andy’s Youth Speakers Tournament winning speech, “If God Knows Everything, Is Prayer Really Important?” before 1,500 students at the California Southern Baptist Youth conference, Ignition, in Sacramento (our state capital!).  It’s an important question that Andy addresses well.

Here’s Travis Ryan leading the audience in worshiping God with “Good Good Father.”

Megan’s Speech at Ignition ’15

Hey TD!

Greetings from Sacramento! Megan gave her Youth Speakers Tournament winning speech, “What 1 Peter 1:6-7 Means to Me,” this morning at the California So. Baptist Convention youth conference, Ignition, before 1,500 students.  It was terrific. Check it out!

Here’s a little bonus footage of Some of your TD interns worshipping our Lord in song:

Youth Speakers Info Meeting

Hey TD!

If you are between the 10th – 12th grade and are considering participating in the 2015 Youth Speakers Tournament, we will have a mandatory information meeting this Sunday, January 25, from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. in one of the downstairs rooms on the Main Campus. We will go over everything you need to know!

In the meanwhile, enjoy Alexandra’s speech on Gender Identity that she gave at Ignition last month!

Turn on the … Ignition!

During the final few days of 2014, several of us attended the California Southern Baptist Convention’s youth conference, Ignition, whose theme was “It Matters.”  It was an energetic, lively, and meaningful time of being reminded that everything we think and do matters and affects everyone around us.

One of the big highlights was our very own Daniel, Joseph, and Alexandra giving their winning Youth Speakers Tournament speeches in front of 2,000 of their peers from all over California!  They did an amazing job speaking to and challenging California’s youth, as you’ll see over the next few weeks.

Here’s Daniel’s speech, “Spiritual Discipline That Makes a Difference,” as well as some fun (including backstage) footage!  Enjoy!

Worship at Ignition

Backstage at Ignition with recording artist, Travis Ryan

Recording artist, Royal Tailor (and TD friends!), at Ignition