TD Fri. – “When a Christian (Leader) Sins,” Pt. 2 (small groups)

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Hey TD!

This Friday, we will conclude our open discussion of the Ravi Zacharias allegations, as well as head into small groups to weigh in on the nature of and the struggle with sin that each of us faces.

If last week’s discussion sparked a question or thought for you, please be ready to bring it up (or even send it in to your sg leader ahead of time to ensure it gets answered). We’ll try to discuss it in as authentic and biblical manner as possible.

See you Friday!

TD Fri. – “When a Christian (Leader) Sins” – an Open Discussion of the Ravi Zacharias Allegations

Update from RZIM Board: Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias: Intermediate statement regarding external investigation.

Happy New Year, TD!

We’re going to open 2021 by getting real in looking at real life issues, in real time, in a real way. Our year’s theme, Christ For Real, can’t just be a theme to be studied, but must be pursued at all costs.

The turmoil, pain, anger, feeling of betrayal, etc. in the Christian world over the Ravi Zacharias allegations and interim report have been deep and wide, have revealed much, and have caused many to spend countless hours searching, thinking, praying, and processing, including me. It has revealed much and taught much … about life, faith, the gospel, sin, human nature, integrity, and more.

This has been devastating news for his family, friends, colleagues, RZIM, his supporters, and those who have been ministered to by Ravi over his nearly 5 decades of powerful ministry … again, including myself … and including many of you.

This Friday, we’ll have a real and open discussion/conversation about this situation, will invite any and all questions, and will see what we can learn from it as well. It will be an organic time, driven by your questions and concerns, and will be a time/space for us to be brutally frank and honest about the reality of sin in our lives, including Christian leaders.

Please feel free to prepare any questions or issues you’d like discussed. If you want to ensure your question/issue gets addressed, feel free to share it with your leader during the week, so it gets priority. See you Friday.

– Arthur

The Deadliest Sin


Hey TD!

What sins are you battling in your life right now?  That’s not even really the right question, for there’s only one real over-arching sin: defiance of God and His authority over us.  However, there are many expressions of that sin.  And that may be the more precise question.  Which expressions of defiance of God are you battling with now?  They come in all shapes and sizes.

In this latest episode of the TD Commotion (our shorter topical podcasts), there is one in particular that Eunice wants to talk to you about that may well be at the root of many of your sinful expressions. Some call it … the deadliest sin.  It’s worth the 4 minutes!  Please listen and consider. – Arthur

The Deadliest Sin