TD Friday – “Rooted in Being”

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Hey TD!

Last week, I led us to begin examining our past, to see who we’ve been trying to become, who we want people to think we are, who our parents wanted us to become, what we’re trying to portray ourselves to be, etc.  We then began a journey of deeper discovery into who we really are.  I’d encourage you to review the message in preparation for our summer’s concluding message in the series, Potent Once More.  You’ll have some “Aha!” moments, I’m pretty sure.

“Who Are We? A Look Into Our Being” (mp3 – Arthur)

To prepare for Friday, in addition to reviewing last week’s message, I’d like you to answer this question:

“Is it possible for me to become a better me?”  If so, how?  If not, why not?  Think this one through, ok?  Then bring your thoughts to TD on Friday.  See you then!

– Arthur

Does Your Life Really Show That You Are Christ’s?

Hey TD’ers, I have a question for you.  Has Christ really changed your life?  Does your life display Christ?  In this final 23 minute podcast of “The Fruit of Your Root” series, we explore what God wants your life to look like.  It’s hard-hitting, straight up truth from God’s Word.  Listen if you’re in need of a challenge, some ideas for change, and a jump start to your walk with Christ! – Arthur


Engage With God with “The Fruit of Your Root,” Pt. 1!

Hey TD’ers!

Our desire is for God’s Word to master you.  Before that can happen, you’re going to have to “master” God’s Word!  Remember, there’s no way to master anything without proper review and repetition.  God wants you to be engaged in His Word regularly throughout your week.

So, here’s our latest podcast, “The Fruit of Your Root, Pt. 1”, from Luke 3:7.  Please listen soon, engage, and work out the application in your life with the Lord! Pt. 2 will be released soon. – Arthur