Last Friday TD Meeting of the Year

Hey TD!

Our year is coming to a close! This Friday is our last regular TD meeting.  Not only will Robert lead us in wrapping up our year’s theme (Reboot: Seeing God as God Again), but some of our seniors will also be sharing their testimonies!  So, make sure you come out and show your support!

In the meanwhile, work hard to finish memorizing Psalm 139 (NASB)!  Once again, here’s Sandra’s special recitation of it (with lots of footage of her dog, Joy):

Get ready for Offerings 4!!!

(Angela and Sandra reciting Psalm 139 during Offerings 2)

Hey TD,

During Offerings 4, on 3/11/16, we will be celebrating the goodness of God through creative, fresh, original, fun offerings of praise via music, poetry, art, recitation, reading, writing, acting, dancing (yep, I said dancing), and whatever way you want to honor the Lord!

So, please be praying about and dreaming about how you can participate in this special (and safe) night, where encouragement abounds and hearts are touched.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the recitation above of Psalm 139!

Offerings – The River of Life – Arthur

Hey TD!

Here’s an offering I gave to the Lord from Revelations 22, set to the music of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” during Offerings 2.  What offering will you give?  Take a risk and go for it!  You’re among family, you’ll be blessed, we’ll be blessed, and most importantly … God will be blessed! – Arthur