Pics and Video from Gingerbread Houses & Portrait Painting Project




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Click on the link below to see some of December’s sights and sounds from the Gingerbread House contest and the Portrait Painting Project:

Pics and videos – Gingerbread and Portraits



“Offerings 8” Pics & Videos



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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! Click on the link below to view pics and videos from A TD Thanksgiving feat. Offerings 8 and Sandra’s 60th birthday, courtesy of Peter. Thanks Peter! (apologies if your pic didn’t get in)

Offerings 8

TD Vlog/updates – Bringing Hope to the Orphaned in China

Thursday BMH Summer Camp update from Megan

Friday BMH Summer Camp update from TD’ers (missing Rebecca & Tammy)

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Some of our team from China have returned from serving the orphaned at Bring Me Hope’s Summer Camp at Zhengzhou, while some are still on their way. For Megan, Calvin, Sissi, and Elissa, it was their second straight year serving these precious children in our Father’s Name and love. It was Rebecca’s and Tammy’s (a TD alum) first year. Again, it was a life-impacting trip.

Here are a couple of updates:

“My heart breaks over these kids, seeing how trauma has affected the way they sleep, interact, and play. One kid won’t go anywhere without his water bottle. He would have a cow if his translator takes it away; and I wonder … is he like this because there was a time in his life he went without water for days …? One of my girls gets violent when she’s happy/excited … I spun her around and then she bit my ear!!!! I see potential of so much growth – if only they had families!” – Megan

“Having dealt with all types of behaviors and disabilities at work, I was not expecting anything too surprising for the first day. After lunch on the first day, one of my girls led us to the convenience store and started grabbing a snack and a drink, but we said she could not have them. She fell to the ground and had a tantrum. That was surprising to me. She also did not have verbal expression so she communicated by vocalizing and gesturing. With the language barrier, I had a harder time being firm with her. By the third day, all the volunteers were pretty exhausted and various difficulties have come up. However, that afternoon during break, I read Mark 4:35-41 which was the story of Jesus calming the storm. It reminded me that God is sovereign over all things, even nature, our hearts, and just everything happening at the camp. For these children as well, their lives may be a storm and there is so much uncertainties for their future. What will happen with them after the camp? Will they ever be adopted? Will they have a good family? Will they be ok in the future? Will they come to know God? Will they recognize His love for them? Yet I can hope in the fact that God is sovereign and compassionate over their lives. Being a little bit older, I tried to view things more as a parent. Usually, at work, I would want to have the kids do things as independent as they could – like dressing, putting away their dishes, picking up their trash, etc. But I thought about, what would a parent do? Maybe they would want them to be independent but maybe they also would show love by serving them by dressing, putting away their dishes, picking up their trash, etc. I am thankful that we got to spend the time in China for a week to “visit the orphans”. We may ask, what does God want us to do and what can we do? This camp was an active way of obeying what God wants. It is His grace to have commanded us to visit the orphans. He has not forgotten them.” – Tammy (TD alum)


“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” – James 1:27

TD Orientation Presentation

TD Orientation Prezi

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If you weren’t able to make it for the TD Orientation, here is the great Prezi presentation Judy made, as well as the mp3 of all the presentations by the TD leaders corresponding to the Prezi “slides.” Please review the material so you can not only get a deeper look “under the hood” of TD, but can get a better idea of where in TD you may feel the Lord is calling you to invest more of your talents and energies!

TD Orientation Prezi

TD Orientation Presentations (mp3)


“The Books We Love” (last mp3’s)

Image result for christian quotes on reading books

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Here is the “The Books We Love” series finale, with mp3’s of Kathy’s, Daniel’s, and Rebecca’s “book reports”!  Listen and then …. READ! Enjoy!

Kathy – Twelve Extraordinary Women (mp3) by John F. MacArthur

Image result for 12 extraordinary women john macarthur

Daniel – “Poetry” (mp3), citing poems from The Songs of Innocence and the Songs of Experience by William Blake

Image result

Rebecca – The Hiding Place (mp3) by Corrie Ten Boom

Image result for the hiding place

Offerings 6: “Father to the Fatherless”is Coming – 2/17/17!

Daniel sings his original song, Souls and Faces, at Offerings 5 (lyrics below)
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V4V is well underway, and the theme ringing in my mind has been a quote from David Platt: “We care for orphans not because we are rescuers, but because we are the rescued.” Our souls were orphaned – helpless, malnourished, infected, abused, and without family. We were unable to offer anything to God but our burdens. But, God sacrificed His own Son to declare us as valuable and loved, and Himself as our Heavenly Father! This is why our lives hold value, and why these orphans with disabilities are valuable beyond measure: because God’s love for them is beyond measure. And we show this with the same love that our own adoptive Father showed us: sacrificial love to those who can offer nothing.
In this spirit, let’s come with hearts that offer nothing but love and gratitude, as we prepare and gather as a family to honor our Heavenly Father at our sixth Offerings Night: Father to the Fatherless, on February 17th.
Whether through music, literature, dance, or art; math, science, current events or history – come and simply share something that has struck you in a new, meaningful way about what it means to be adopted by God… and perhaps, how your own adoption has transformed you in the process.  – Rebecca
Souls and Faces by Daniel Hsieh
The ocean sings some honest songs at night. I cry with it about the fright of loneliness, ‘cause all around, throughout the day, we’re all hiding in our faces; but your pretty eyes – they give it all away.

The masks that we construct are so amusing. It’s like we all believe the guy who says this world’s a stage. But, I know we don’t want “amused” written on our graves. There’s a soul somewhere inside your painted cage. Come out of there. Give your soul some air and sky. I see an image of our Maker in your eyes. Don’t shy away; don’t take the anesthetic. Together we can long and cry for the Sun to rise.

Don’t hide behind the masks of a religion. Don’t hide behind the names that are just printed on our clothes. No image in some pixel-screen can ever do you justice. You’re not just physical; you’re an everlasting soul. Come out of there. Give your soul some air and sky. I see an image of our Maker in your eyes. Don’t shy away; don’t take the anesthetic. Together we can long and cry for the Sun to rise.

I know it’s hard to be away from Home. But – look at us – at least we’re not alone. Our deaths are catching up to us each day. So there’s no time for pretense or the games we play. Come out of there. Give your soul some air and sky. I see an image of our Maker in your eyes. Don’t shy away; don’t take the anesthetic. Together we can long and cry for the Sun to rise

TD ArtReach-“Art Embodying Miracles” – 12/17/16

Early Italian and Spanish Art: Embodying Miracles

Art Embodying Miracles – Norton Simon Museum Tour/Outing! – Saturday 12/17

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We live in an age of flashing images and sounds – Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter… the list goes on, but our attention span doesn’t. Stillness and silence have become far and few between, and the noisy busyness has permeated our souls to the point where these moments can feel restless and uncomfortable.

So why a museum visit? Because galleries give us an opportunity to slow down and actually see. Coming face to face with significant objects brings us face to face with people across time and space – and as we unpack and understand their stories, we can also better understand ourselves and where we’re heading.
On 12/17, the Norton Simon is hosting a guided tour on how early Italian and Spanish art embodied miracles – right before (and in preparation for) the miracle of Christ’s birth! Come prepared to have your curiosity expand, to see the unfamiliar in the familiar, and to be awed by greatness. As Arthur always says – “When you have the opportunity to be near greatness, seize it!”
Please RSVP to your small group leader or to Rebecca by Wednesday, 12/14/17 – there are only 25 spots available, and admission is free for students! – Rebecca