Raw Voice Memo to Myself

(turn volume up)

Hey TD!

Sometimes I record memos to myself on my phone when I’m not at a place that I can write those thoughts down, and I want to remember some thoughts I’ve been thinking, impressions that were made on me, or convictions I’ve developed.  I usually then type out and clean up the thoughts from the voice memo on a Word doc.

Two weeks ago, while at RZIM’s Summer Institute, I had Aha! moments all week long and came home with new focus and resolve, making some resolutions and some adjustments to my daily habits and focus.  While there in Atlanta, I made notes to myself all week (written and audio recorded).  After recently reviewing a raw voice memo I made purely for myself in my hotel room, I realized that there are items in there that I think will be helpful for most of you as well, especially as you try to grow your Christian effectiveness this summer, in preparation for the new school year.

Instead of editing and cleaning those thoughts up for you, I decided to just go ahead and share that voice memo to myself with you all in its raw, unedited form.  It’s only 7 minutes, but I think you’ll glean some insight and energy to help you take another step or two towards living for Him with excellence. – Arthur