What Does It Mean To Be Filled With the Spirit? – “Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 5”

“Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 5: Filled with the Spirit” (video)

Hey TD!

Jesus makes it clear that those that are of flesh are flesh and those of the Spirit are spirit (notice Spirit and spirit).  In Pt. 4 of Living By The Holy Spirit, Robert explained how spiritual birth takes place.  In this lesson, he discusses another aspect of being “of the Spirit” – being filled with the Spirit.

Are you filled with the Spirit? What do you think your life would look like if you were? How would it change … for the better?  What kind of power, perspective, and personality would you have if the living God was living inside of you?  It can happen.  Watch this video to find out how.   Enjoy!

When Does the New Birth Take Place? – “Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 4”

Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 4: New Birth From The Spirit (video)

Hey TD!

In this next installment of our Living By The Holy Spirit series, Robert works through a VERY IMPORTANT truth regarding the new birth that is so often misunderstood; namely, that the Spirit gives new birth PRIOR to our coming to salvation.  Quite commonly, people think that AFTER we “accept” Christ, we are born again. Robert argues from Scripture that in fact the opposite is true.

Does it really make a difference? Does it really matter? You bet it does, for what we believe always translates into how we live.  The implications of how you understand the new birth permeate to everything we do, including how we worship God.  Pay close attention.  It will be well worth the 10 minutes of your time. Enjoy!

“Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 3” (incl. BobKat Duet!)

Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 3: The Temple Builder (video)

Hey TD!

In our ongoing weekly series on “Living By the Holy Spirit,” Robert explains the significance of the Holy Spirit leading in building the Temple in the Old Testament and how that translates into not only the Church in the 21st century, but in His dwelling in and building our hearts! At the end of the video is a nice duet, sung by Robert and Kathy!

We encourage you to use this series to solidify your understanding of the Holy Spirit, sometimes referred to as the forgotten member of the Trinity, though He is the One dwelling in the hearts and souls of believers.  Enjoy!

“Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 2”

Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 2 (video)

Hey TD!

As we begin another week of the quarantined life, what was once novel is now becoming normal.  The truth is, either we passively allow circumstances, appetites, and feelings to establish our new normal, or we actively determine and plan what our new normal is like.  Though circumstances are different, the process is really the same as when we weren’t quarantined – we either fall into patterns of living or we purposely establish them.  With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can be every bit as effective and joyous as we ever were, if not more so.

Continuing the series we began last week, Living By The Holy Spirit, Robert guides us to better know who this Holy Spirit is that lives in and leads the life of the Christian.  Enjoy and use it to boost your confidence and security in life!



“Living By the Holy Spirit,” Pt. 1

Living By the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1 (video)

Hey TD!

Hope you came out of Passion Week with a renewed passion yourself for our incomparable Godhead.  If you did, and you want to begin living life more under His Spirit’s leading and power, we’re starting a weekly video series on Living By the Holy Spirit, taught by Robert.

This series will be a good way to begin training yourself to walk in the Spirit more and in the flesh less.  Today’s lesson is an introduction that will help pave the way for the lessons to come towards a Spirit-led life.  Enjoy!