TD This Friday – “Obeying God”


Hey TD’ers,

We will be having our final message of the year, as Kathy will conclude our studies of Christ For Real with the bottom line of all the Christian learning that we do – obeying God. Come on out and hear Kathy’s last message before she becomes a mom!

Below is last weeks message on mp3, “Living by Faith” that will help you better understand what faith is and is not:

Living by Faith (message – Arthur)

TD This Friday – “Living by Faith”


Hey TD!

We all live by faith every moment of every day.  Sometimes our faith is validated and sometimes it’s not.  Do you have actual saving faith in Christ?  Do you have a real and living faith?  Faith is one of the most misunderstood qualities of the Christian faith … and one of the most important.

I encourage you to come to TD this Friday as I teach for the last time this year, and learn what faith really is and is not.  It’ll help you to live by faith!

Below are the links to the last 3 TD messages on mp3’s.  Great stuff for life!  Enjoy and drink deeply! – Arthur

“A Change of Direction” – Arthur

“Forgiveness and the Justice of God” – Francis

“The Spirit Within You” – Sandra