TD Fri. – “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become”/Opening Nite videos

TD’s Opening Night ’20 – ’21 (w/Table of Contents)
“A Real UCLA Education?” intro video to Christ For Real

Hey TD!

Why are you a part of the TD family? What brings you back week after week? What are you looking for? Hoping for? Longing for?

Whatever your reasons are, somewhere in there is the latent desire to connect with your Creator and the purpose for which He made you. Deep inside, you want to live life better and more meaningfully. Ultimately, you want to learn how to actually love and be loved.

You know in your head that all that is found in Christ (or so you’ve been raised), but somehow you have yet to really experience Him that way. That’s why this year’s theme is Christ For Real. We want to truly experience Christ … for real.

We begin this Friday, as Arthur leads us in our first session – “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become.”

Feel free to watch the videos to review Opening Night and to prime the pump for this week’s session. The Table of Contents will send you directly to the point in the video you want to see.

See you at TD!

What Will You Give Jesus! Day 7

What a blessing it was to witness your gifts to Jesus tonight at “A TD Christmas”!  You guys rock!  More importantly, I’m pretty sure I can say that Jesus was blessed, and there’s nothing greater you can do than to bless Jesus.

Today, we are pleased and excited to share John Piper’s dramatic reading of his gripping poem, “The Inn Keeper.”  Daniel and I were mesmerized and left shaking our heads in wonder.  It is THAT good. – Arthur

Engage With God with “The Fruit of Your Root,” Pt. 1!

Hey TD’ers!

Our desire is for God’s Word to master you.  Before that can happen, you’re going to have to “master” God’s Word!  Remember, there’s no way to master anything without proper review and repetition.  God wants you to be engaged in His Word regularly throughout your week.

So, here’s our latest podcast, “The Fruit of Your Root, Pt. 1”, from Luke 3:7.  Please listen soon, engage, and work out the application in your life with the Lord! Pt. 2 will be released soon. – Arthur


TD This Friday – Keep it Real!!!

Hey TD’ers!  We’ve got a great night in store for us this Friday!  But we need your help! 

  • First, we need you to come real, as you really are – no pretense, no plastic faces, no hiding, no projections.  We just want … you!
  • Second, please listen to the podcast below, our last of our first TD message of the year, “John the Baptist: Paving the Way,” Pt. 3.  It also includes Jenny’s honest sharing about her journey towards becoming real.  We really want this year to be a breakthrough year for you.  Do you?  A sure way is to be letting more of God’s word and truth to be flowing through you all during your week.  This is a great way to do that!

  • Lastly, please bring a fruit with you to share with someone in your small group.  Got it?  And if you want to bring more than one – like for, say, a fruit eating counselor – feel free! 🙂
  • We’ve got a great opportunity for you to grow in the Lord as I’ll be sharing a message entitled, “The Fruit of Your Root,” taken from Luke 3:7-14 (please read ahead).  Together, we’ll learn how to bear bigger, jucier, more nourishing fruit in our lives.
  • We’ll also have time to sharpen each other in our small groups … AND …
  • Nathaniel will be sharing his newest song, “Wait on Love” for our encouragement!

So, please make plans to come, and feel free to invite your friends!  Let’s keep growing together as a TD family! – Arthur

Podcast: John the Baptist: Paving the Way, Pt. 2

Hey TD’ers!  Sounds like everyone had a great time at our small group outings!  Here’s our second “Total Devotion” podcast on the man Jesus called the greatest man who ever lived – part 2 of 3 of “John the Baptist: Paving the Way.”  Please take just a half hour of your time to review, listen, and master!

Our desire is to help you get God’s Word flowing through you methodically and consistently throughout the week and to allow it to chisel and shape your life, little by little.  But that only happens through repetition and mastery.  We not only would like you to master the Bible, but more so, for the Bible to master you! GO FOR IT!

We’d love to hear any comments or thoughts!  We will post part 3 in a few days, in time for you our next message and small group on 10/18.   – Arthur

Wanna Get More Out of TD? Introducing … !

A great desire of the leadership at TD is to help strengthen and grow your relationship with God.  And we know that starts with knowing well His Word to you.  And the only way to know anything well is  … repetition.  If you are a good athlete, musician, or student, you know that’s true.  In fact, if you’re good at anything, you know that’s true!

I’ve heard it said that it takes something like 12+ times of listening to something before we actually REALLY know it well.  I’ve found that to be SOOO true.  In my formative years as a growing Christian, I would listen to specific key sermons, messages, and lectures over a dozen times and would learn something new each time … and get blown away by God afresh each time.

Now, we realize that a typical TD message for many of you is like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant, and that most of you only really retain a fraction of the great truth being taught on a Friday night. We realize that unless you review it, you will NOT retain the life changing truth presented.

Soooo … help is on the way!  Introducing … the “Total Devotion” podcast! 

We’ve split last week’s message into 3 manageable parts and will be releasing them every few days before the next message and small group study on 10/18.  This way, you can really master the material and grow in your knowledge and understanding … AND … you can be more consistently meditating on His truth throughout the week, and not just on the weekends.

Please make the time to listen to this first production soon, as we will release part two in a few days.  May God be with you as you strive to give Him your total devotion! – Arthur

John MacArthur: Unleashing God’s Word One Verse at a Time


My first exposure to serious world-class, soul-captivating Bible teaching came through the teaching of pastor/teacher, John MacArthur.  He was also an integral part of Sandra’s growth in Christ and love of His Word.  In fact, it was really through his ministry that Sandra and I first started having serious dialouges about the Christian faith. 

We look forward to concluding our Summer series, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” by exposing you to one of the very finest and faithful Bible expositors in the world today, who took nearly 42 years at Grace Community Church to preach through every verse in the New Testament! 

He is a warrior who takes God at his word and who has courageously stood up for timelessness and and truthfulness of God’s Word against a compromising Christian culture.  He is definitely a hero of the faith. 

Please listen to the powerful message below before TD on Friday.  It’s called “True Worship, Pt. 1” and is the first of 8 messages on true worship, from John 4:20-24.  It’s a series I listened to as a young Christian.  If you want to hear more, go to  I know you’ll appreciate it! – Arthur

True Worship, Pt. 1

John Piper: Desiring God


In continuing our TD summer series this Friday, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Robert will lead us in studying the life and ministry of John Piper, one of the most influential Christian leaders of the last 30 years.  His ministry is powerful, God exalting, and satisfaction producing. Here’s what Robert has to say:

“The first serious Christian book that I read was ”Desiring God”, by John Piper. It has remained one of my favorites since then, because it opened my eyes to see how God-centered the Bible really is and how the God of Scripture should be desired, loved, and enjoyed, not just known intellectually. Come catch a greater glimpse of how ”God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him” as we learn about the life and biblical convictions of John Piper.”

We urge you to watch the message below, before coming to TD, explaining his most famous conclusion, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”  Also, the TD Year-End Banquet message, as well as the rest of the summer messages on the lives of RC Sproul, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Ravi Zacharias are now online on the TD website, under Messages. See you Friday! – Arthur