Including Isaac

Hey TD!

Could you please do me a favor and watch this video?  Listen to the adults, for sure, but pay particular attention to Isaac’s fellow students … scratch that … Isaac’s … friends.  This is the big-C Church being the big-C Church.  Take a BIG whiff of the BIGNESS of attitude, spirit, understanding, and perspective that is there.  It’s BIG, and it’s what we desperately need in TD and in our little-c church.

Will you join me in surrendering to what God wants for us, His Bride?  That we would work really, really hard at being a body that actually values the whole Body? That we wouldn’t settle for superficial unity around superficial, circumstantial, external things? That we wouldn’t be guilty of the oft-so present and oft-so Pharisaical sin of mistaking uniformity with true unity?

Will you – who have felt uncomfortable at being comfortable, at TD being comfortable, at our church being comfortable – will you, as a member of our little-c local church, be willing to do what needs to be done to be a proactive, contributing, impacting member of God’s BIG-C universal Church that impacts people’s worlds for His honor?  If you will, God is going to be highlighted and appreciated!  And if you will, this is going to be an amazing year at TD … and beyond!

Please read 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 before watching, ok? – Arthur