Personal Gems From TD’s Leaders to You TD’ers!


(2017 TD Leaders Retreat – Robert, Kathy, and Peter arrived after this pic was taken 😦 )

Hey TD!

TD is a pretty special and unique ministry.  It’s more like family than organization.  It’s inter-generational, not merely multi-generational.  TD’s inter-generational leadership just returned from a leadership weekend spent praying, worshiping, reminiscing, learning, discussing, bonding, sharpening, and seeking God as to how we can love you, serve you, lead you, sharpen you, support you, help you, inspire you, and come along side you in your walk with the Lord … better. We are excited to be in TD with you, journeying together!

We’re excited to be in TD together with you, journeying together!  

When asked what one sentence they’d like to share with you TD’ers right now, this is what the counselors and interns shared.  May it encourage and strengthen you. They are gold!

You Matter

“Total Devotion is our youth group, but it’s not just the “leaders” making differences within the group, the One actually making a difference is God and how He moves us through you guys.”

“Knowing Whose you are changes everything – it grounds you in the truth of who He is, who you are in light of Him, and how He called you to live, even when you don’t understand what He is doing or feel like you don’t know yourself in times of trial and temptation.”

“True and lasting contentment is fulfilling the purpose for which God made you, the reason for which you are on the planet.”

“It’s not that God just wants relationships with people in general; He knows YOU and despite what He knows, He still wants a personal relationship specifically with YOU … because He loves YOU.”

Practical But Poignant

“When you ever have a chance to speak with someone, fight to be present with them, listen well and ask good questions.”

“You’re only too busy for what you don’t make time for, but don’t forget to eat, sleep, and take showers.”

“Busyness sometimes distracts us from being still and appreciating God and His blessings in our lives, so I encourage you to be still in this very moment and appreciate His creation and His blessings. Seriously, look up! It’s a beautiful day! “

“Life isn’t shaped so much by events as it is by habits, and habits aren’t shaped so much by determination as they are by desire.”

Timeless Treasures

“Aside from God, whatever you think is so important now, it will be replaced by something more important later. “

“God has given us grace, life, feelings, and skills so that we can go ‘do something and do it well.'” 

“Momentary relief comes through our own control, but eternal relief comes through submission to His.”  

“The Cross of Christ is our Message as well as our Method.  It has to be heard and felt at the same time by our testimony and our love.”

“Jesus is more than enough; and there’s nothing better than having His pleasure.”

“God is worth it all.”

Charges For You

“Desire to desire God: Christianity is a relationship not religious commands!”

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face.  And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

“Rigorously align your life with God’s values; and He will reveal His heart to you and provide travel buddies.”

“You have become a co-heir with Christ, so do not be afraid to be a Christian at school.”

“Integrity is key to successful relationships and living before God and man. You never have to be afraid to do the right thing.” 



TD Friday – A TD Valentine’s Day

Hey TD!

We’re going to have a great time this Friday celebrating and further learning about THE greatest love we could possible possess … hands down … the love of God!

Our evening will be planned by our newest interns – Aileen, Calvin, Daniel, Judy, Katherine, and Megan!  Come see what they have planned for us!

Make sure you come dressed in red and/or pink this Friday!  We will have prizes for the best dressed in theme!  We will also have lots of yummy special red and pink refreshments!

See you on Friday!

Megan’s Speech at Ignition ’15

Hey TD!

Greetings from Sacramento! Megan gave her Youth Speakers Tournament winning speech, “What 1 Peter 1:6-7 Means to Me,” this morning at the California So. Baptist Convention youth conference, Ignition, before 1,500 students.  It was terrific. Check it out!

Here’s a little bonus footage of Some of your TD interns worshipping our Lord in song: