Noted ID Biochemist Michael Behe on “Why Are There Viruses, Anyway?” (podcast)

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Hi TD,

I recently heard Discovery Institute’s informative podcast ID the Future, where noted biochemist and author, Michael Behe, was interviewed on the coronavirus.  Here’s the description of the podcast:

On this episode of ID the Future, host Andrew McDiarmid and biochemist Michael Behe discuss the pandemic coronavirus known as COVID-19. The two move through a series of questions, some straightforward, others more speculative. What is a virus and where did this one come from? Why is it so much worse than other coronavirus strains? What sort of evolution is involved here? Does the human species have any ancient, shared genetic relationship with viruses? And why are there viruses in the first place?

I thought the 15 minute podcast might be interesting to some of you. Just click the link below to listen.  Enjoy!

“Why Are There Viruses, Anyway?”

Podcast with Michael Behe