A TD Father’s Day Podcast – From Atlanta


Greetings from Atlanta!

My son, Daniel, knows my heart.  He knows I love my family.  And he knows my mind is always thinking of how to edify those under my spiritual care.  So, for Father’s Day, he produced a 12 minute multi-generational podcast for me that kills 3 birds with one stone – 1) his introduction honors me (while leaving me laughing); 2) the message honors my father, K.C., who raised and led me to my Eternal Father; and 3) through this podcast, you will come to understand who I am and why I am the way I am better (you’ll learn a lot about me that you didn’t know); which will help us both, as I attempt to push you, challenge you, lead you, cheer for you, support you, teach you, provide for you, protect you, inspire you, equip you … to love, honor, cherish, and live for your Eternal Father in a fuller and more meaningful way.

So, click on the icon above and enjoy!  I hope it will be an encouragement to you. Thanks, Daniel! – Arthur


Dress Up for “Throughout All Generations” at TD This Friday!!

Hey TD’ers!

Tomorrow night, Sandra and I will share the wealth, bring you into our world, and invite you into the nascent stages of preparing a Bible study/message.  We will get down and dirty together, tackling what I think may be one of the most difficult passages to work with – Luke 3:22-38.  But the tougher it is, the more rewarding it will be as well!

In addition to unearthing and excavating the jewels of Scripture, I’ve asked Nathaniel and Daniel to share Nathaniel’s song of the same title, “Throughout All Generations”!

Lastly, in keeping with our generational theme, PLEASE DRESS IN CLOTHES OF ANOTHER GENERATION – like your parents’ or even grandparents’ generation!  The older the better!

See you all tomorrow! – Arthur