Do You Have Scars? God Doesn’t Waste Hurts

Hey TD,

Do you have wounds and scars from hurts in your life?  If so, please watch this video from Steve Saint, who has been no stranger to hurts.  You may be familiar with the story of 5 American missionaries in the 1950’s to the Waodoni Indians (formerly known as Auca Indians) in Ecuador.  They were murdered via spears in the jungle, leaving their wives widowed and their children fatherless.  The most famous of them were Jim Elliot and … Nate Saint, Steve’s father.

Nate was a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and flew his plane to the jungle to help evangelize the unevangelized Waodani tribe.  What’s amazing is that two of the wives elected to stay in the jungles of Ecuador with their families to continue the work that they started with their husbands … and much of the tribe came to surrender their lives to the Lord.  It’s an amazing story that I could tell you more about in more detail.  But it’s something you can read about in many books and even a movie called, The End of the Spear.

Steve followed in his father’s footsteps and became a pilot.   Two years ago, Steve was seriously injured, becoming an “incomplete quadraplegic.”  In this video, he talks frankly about where he’s at and what he’s learned about the hurts God allows us to experience.  It’s humbling to see where’s he’s at now.  Watch it and think through the character and plan of the God of life. – Arthur