Accidental Perfection? Nope.


downloadHey TD,

I walked out of the hospital this morning saying to Sandra, “God is just absolutely amazing.”  I mean, how many of you would be perfectly content and happy if you had a 99% success rate in everything you do; if everything you tried was 99% successful?  I would be absolutely ecstatic and would take that deal in a heartbeat … well, at first blush at least.  99% on tests, 99% winning percentage in sports, 99% going right in my relationships, 99% accuracy in the things that I do.

Being at the hospital so much this week, seeing lives lying on beds looking their worst, feeling miserable, with many there because perhaps 1% of their bodies aren’t functioning right reminded me of the precision with which God operates.  I thought about how exact our bodies regulate our body temperature day in and day out. 98.6 degrees. One degree off and our bodies our out of whack; we have a difficult time functioning.  Two or three degrees off and we’re laid up in bed.

It’s incredible to me – with all the hundreds of variables within our bodies going on all the time – that our bodies are so fine-tuned and self-regulated that they maintain that precise 98.6 degree temperature for nearly every moment of every day of the entire year … every year!  So so many things could alter that equilibrium at any time.  Yet, for nearly all of us, that equilibrium remains constant 99.9 percent of the time. Just stop and consider that for a second.  Amazing.

Thank the Lord for the sustained, precise, calibrated excellence that is you!

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together – Col. 1:17