TD Fri. – Small Group Study – “Loving Unhypocritically”

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Hey TD!

This Friday, we will be in our small groups discussing love and hypocrisy.  As usual, each small group will be planning their own evening, so make sure you’re in contact with your small group leader for time and location.

Please prepare for this Friday’s discussion by working through the small group study Judy prepared below.  You’ll also find the Table of Contents for the message that you’ll need to bolster your understanding of the study.

“Loving Unhypocritically” Rom. 12:9 (sg study)

“Loving Unhypocritically” Rom. 12:9 (mp3) – Judy

“Loving Unhypocritically” Rom. 12:9 (mp3) – Judy Table of Contents

“Renew” theme  review and introduction (Arthur) – 0:00

Paul’s purpose and context in writing Romans – 23:15

The outline of the letter of Romans – 27:35

Let’s talk about love  (four loves, CS Lewis) – 31:50

The what and how of exercising spiritual gifts with love – 40:00

Stewarding what you’ve been given – 43:15

Hypocrisy and why God hates it – 50:50

Abhor what is evil – 54:50

Cling to what is good (“Blowing the Fluff Away” poem) – 1:02:40