What Offering Will You Bring to the Lord at “Offerings 10”? Sign-up soon!

Video: Highlights of various “Offerings” over the years (for much more, enter “offerings” in the search bar)

Hey TD! 

You just got a glimpse of some of the fun, amazing, and original Offerings we’ve seen over the past 5 years in this short clip!  This year, we will be hosting Offerings 10 on November 20!

“Offerings” was originally developed to get you TD’ers more in touch with your creative side, to help restore holistic balance to otherwise often-imbalanced lives. Today, most TD’ers are spiritual consumers, with few producers. We’d like to work towards changing that reality by challenging you to sit with the Lord, meditate on His Word, and dream, allowing you to create an “offering” to give Him for His pleasure.

Unlike your typical talent show, which highlights the performer, Offerings highlights the greatness of our Creator — through the talents He has given us to create with! Whether through art, music, writing, poetry, reciting, baking, dancing, or whatever you can create, Offerings lets us celebrate and enjoy an amazing God who created amazing people!  

Your “offering” doesn’t have to be great or anything; it just has to be from your heart. If it’s great, then great! If it’s amateurish, then great as well! 1Samuel 16:7 says “Man looks at the outward appearance; the Lord looks at the heart.” It’s the heart He’s after … a heart that’s willing to create for Him and take a risk for Him in pointing others to Him.

So, we highly encourage you to take a risk and participate in Offerings 10! The theme is CHIRST FOR REAL. You can do it on your own, or you can collaborate with others. Let your small group leaders know you’re interested, ASAP, so you can start brainstorming and collaborating! 

  • Theme: Christ for Real 
  • Event Date: 11/20/20  
  • Time limit: ~5 minutes (for live sharing/pre-recorded video) 
  • Submission deadline: 11/13/20 

P.S. Need inspiration? Search “Offerings” on the TD blog and take a look at the posts for previous “Offerings”. You’ll get plenty of food for thought! Let any of the leaders know if you have any questions. 

“Why We Do What We Do” Recap/”Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 2″ (videos)

Video: “Why We Do What We Do” – TD Wk. 3 Recap

Video: “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 2” (What’s Wrong w/Dedication to God)

Hey TD!

Here’s a recap video on why we suffer from performance anxiety, the trap we fall into caused by insecurity, and what to do about it. Video courtesy of Michael Chan

To review the fuller treatment of it, as well as what living for God actually looks like, and how Is it possible to be too dedicated to God and His will, watch the video, “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 2” (What’s Wrong w/Dedication to God). Here Arthur explores these issues as part of TD’s Christ For Real series.

“Know the Real Score” – TD Week 2 Recap, feat. Coach John Wooden (video)

Video: “Know the Real Score” – TD Week 2 Recap, feat. Coach John Wooden

Hey TD!

Here’s an inspiring video Michael Chan from the Media Team created to the “know the real score” section of Arthur’s teaching on “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 1” (God & Performance).

If you’re going to grow to become the Christian you’ve become, it all starts with knowing the real score, and knowing how God actually scores things. What is the role of performance in our lives, and why do we misunderstand it so much?

For a fuller discussion, see the “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 1” (God & Performance) videos.

“Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 1” videos (God and performance)

Intro video – “Becoming the Coach I’ve Become” (incl. CIF-SS Championship video)

Video – “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 1” (God and performance)

Hey TD!

We kicked off our year’s theme, Christ For Real, with an opening session called, “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become, Pt. 1” and focused on thinking through our performance mindset through biblical lenses. What is the role of our performance in our lives in God’s eyes? Does it enhance our worth and standing before God? Does it not really matter one way or another since we’re saved?

We also explored the area of our motivation in performing, as well as the pressure of expectations, both from within and without.

This Friday, we’ll head into Part 2 by looking at how our desire to do God’s will can sometimes go wrong. We’ll spend time in small groups hearing from one another and start working out how to follow God’s lead.

Be sure to review last week’s session beforehand to be able to ramp up to this week’s session, as we march towards becoming the Christians we’ve become!

See you Friday!

TD Fri. – “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become”/Opening Nite videos

TD’s Opening Night ’20 – ’21 (w/Table of Contents)
“A Real UCLA Education?” intro video to Christ For Real

Hey TD!

Why are you a part of the TD family? What brings you back week after week? What are you looking for? Hoping for? Longing for?

Whatever your reasons are, somewhere in there is the latent desire to connect with your Creator and the purpose for which He made you. Deep inside, you want to live life better and more meaningfully. Ultimately, you want to learn how to actually love and be loved.

You know in your head that all that is found in Christ (or so you’ve been raised), but somehow you have yet to really experience Him that way. That’s why this year’s theme is Christ For Real. We want to truly experience Christ … for real.

We begin this Friday, as Arthur leads us in our first session – “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become.”

Feel free to watch the videos to review Opening Night and to prime the pump for this week’s session. The Table of Contents will send you directly to the point in the video you want to see.

See you at TD!

TD – Let’s Read! – “The Books We Love”

This Friday at TD, we’ll be hearing from Abigail, Robert, and Sandra, who will share about some books that they love. Don’t miss it!

Hey TD!

Good reading is on the decline in our nation, giving way to videos, social media, blogs, etc.  It’s not a coincidence that the decline in prolonged quality reading has resulted in a declining ability to stay with thoughts and ideas for any meaningful length of time.  The consequence of that is a declining capacity to stay in God’s Word for meaningful lengths of time.

Reading is a skill, a discipline, and … a necessity for thriving deep relationship with the Lord, for Jesus did not come as the video; He came as … the Word.  He is the Word made flesh (Jn. 1)

Many of you are admittedly not readers, but we would like to encourage you to work on it and learn, grow, be amazed, be held in suspense, go to new places, experience new worlds and cultures, learn from others’ lives.

Reading is a skill, a discipline, and … a necessity for thriving deep relationship with the Lord, for Jesus did not come as the video; He came as … the Word.  He is the Word made flesh (Jn. 1)

If I ask you to commit to reading 6 books a year, you’d be overwhelmed.  But broken down into daily bites, you’d see that it’s doable.  If you simply commit to reading 5 pages a day, you’ll read about 6 books a year!  That’s doable, right?  “But what should I read?” you may be asking.

Enter …

TD Summer Series: “The Books We Love”

We had a great start last month to our summer series, “The Books We Love.”  You can listen to Clara, Calvin, and Katherine share about books that have impacted them, with a Q & A at the end: The Books We Love – Clara, Calvin, Katherine.

Clara – Bonhoeffer (0:00 – 9:10)

Calvin – The Horse and His Boy – (9:50 – 29:22)

Katherine – Christ For Real – (29:38 – 35:52)

Q&A – (36:15 – 56:25)

Bonhoeffer: Pastor Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas (2009)

The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis (1954)

Image result for the horse and his boy cs lewis

Christ For Real by Charles S. Price (1987)

Image result for christ for real charles price



Let’s get reading, TD!  We’ll see you Friday! – Arthur

“The Interview” follow-ups due Friday!


Hey TD!

Well, this Friday, we’ll be discussing our follow-ups to our interviews.  What?  You haven’t done your follow-up yet?  What’s that?  You forgot what you’re supposed to do?

No worries!  Contact one of your small group leaders right away!  They know exactly what you need to do and will help you prepare to do it.  That’s what leaders are for, right? 🙂 Just make sure it’s done by this Friday so you can continue experiencing God’s leading as you put yourself out there for His sake and for the love of your friends and family.

In addition, we will discuss some of the key ideas of Jenny’s message that will help cement your understanding of who Jesus is in our lives.  Here’s the audio mp3 to listen to and review:

“The Lordship of Christ” – Jenny

Put forth your best effort, TD, and you will reap the rewards! “‘They that honor Me will I honor,’ says the Lord.” – Arthur

“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – TD Bible Study


Hey TD!

We hope you’ll join us as we engage in our first small group Bible Study of the year!  It’s manageable, with distinct direction, yet open-ended enough to allow for hearty discussion and learning.  Please work on the study BEFORE Friday and give God the opportunity to help you actually become the Christian you’ve become. Enjoy! – Arthur

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2Cor. 5:17

Below you’ll find links to the message and Bible study.

“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – Bible Study

“Becoming the Christian You Have Become” – message (mp3) – Arthur