TD Fri. – Invite Your Friends to “Can I Really Know God Personally?”

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Hey TD!

We will finally begin our year-long theme of Engage! Living Life in HD.  I’m excited to see how God will speak to us and how He will lead us to reach our friends with His love and His message of hope and truth. This Friday, we will focus on the question, “Can I Really Know God Personally?” It’s one of the most vital questions, if not THE most vital question, in life.

Please use this opportunity to invite your friends! Most of you don’t feel confident enough to engage in meaningful dialog about God and faith, and that’s ok. We understand. It’s scary. We can help. Just invite a friend or two to TD this week and we’ll help reach them with kindness, as well as with some answers of help and hope.  We won’t answer everything, but it will be a good start and will give you something to talk about.

I know it’s scary to invite friends, but I encourage you to have courage to do your part in reaching your friends with the good news that God wants to have a good and healthy relationship with them.  You cannot change their lives yourselves, but you can be part of the process. Inviting them will be a great start. God will honor your efforts.

Hope to see you on Friday! – Arthur