An Interview With … Kevin!


Hey TD!

At “A TD Valentine’s Day” tomorrow, we’ll celebrate God’s love with one another … and with Kevin!

If you’ve been to TD or Sunday worship in this past year, you might have seen Kevin. He’s a good-looking fellow with black hair that fluffs over his head, a nice nose with a prominent bridge, and who usually wears a toothy grin to greet you. However, Kevin cannot see that because he was born visually impaired. A couple of TD-ers wanted to get to know Kevin a little better, so we thought we could help them out by interviewing him. TD-ers got to submit their questions from Kevin through the TD Blog, and we compiled them into a giant magic hat to pull out of. What we did not expect was how good of a time we were going to have together, and just how much Kevin was going to bless us.

Q: How did your blindness manifest? How has your blindness impacted your social life and faith journey?

A: I didn’t have sight at birth. There are good and bad sides to it. The good side is that I’m involved in a lot of things compared to my visually impaired friends. And, well, it didn’t impact me much, spiritually.

Q: How do you go about your school day? And how do you take notes during class? I know there’s technology out there that can help with that, but how does it all work?

Kevin: Every morning, I get to class. I get this braille laptop and start typing on there. We take notes and do our work.

Q: What is your favorite subject at school and why?

Kevin: English because it is an important language to learn.

Q: Where are you going for college? What do you want to study in college? What are your future aspirations?

Kevin: Since I’m at a different level than all of you, I actually am not going to college yet. I am going to a transition program where they teach visually impaired students how to live on their own. I will get job training. In the future, I would probably work at a California Highway Patrol office, as an officer.

Q: How did you know that you had an interest in that? Did you like cars?

Kevin: Basically, I saw my mom sitting in a boring office. There’s just nothing to do. Sometimes when the calls don’t come in, you fall asleep.

Q: When did you start going to church? Was it recently?

Kevin: It was in the summer. In July, Catherine asked and invited me.

Q: What do you think of church?

Kevin: It’s great. Sometimes you learn lessons.

Q: What gets you excited to come to church?

Kevin: When we do group stuff: games, gather together, lessons.

Q: What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Kevin: Vanilla.

Q: We’re learning in our psych class that, when one sense is impaired, the other compensate and become better developed. Do you feel that you have super senses?

Kevin: I tend to overhear things! Recently, I had to get to school early for ‘zero period’, and I got in trouble for blasting my earphones. Here’s the thing, I tend to eavesdrop. If the room is quiet, I can hear what people talk about. To prevent that, I put on my earphones and set it to the max. And of course, 88% volume did not work!

Q: Do you like music? If so, what is your favorite kind?

Kevin: Some 90’s till now. Some hip hop.

Q: What is the best way to help guide you around your room?

Kevin: They’re the ones who guide me, walk with me. I have friends that do that, and sometimes I would ask them questions while we talk together. Basically, I will hang out with people who are smart and stuff. It’s hard to find people you can trust these days.

Q: Do you have pets? Have you ever considered getting an assistive dog?

Kevin: I enjoy playing with other peoples’ pets. I’ve wanted an assistive dog in the past, but it’s been too complicated. Medical Insurance… There are too many hoops and loops to jump through. So, I figured that I could become a police officer and get one from them!

Q: What tips would you have for people who are interested in getting to know you, but may not know how to approach someone who is blind? What kind of support has been the most helpful to you? Do you prefer that people talk to you on the side (towards your ear) or in front of you?

Kevin: Think and choose. Start by conversation!

During the interview, Jenny observed: “[Kevin], you seem pretty comfortable in your own skin!” After reading the interview, you can see her point. Also, through all this, you can tell that Kevin is, well, normal! We totally enjoy his good-humored, tech-savvy company; we hope you get to enjoy it by getting to know him, too. The next time you see him at church or at school (for those of you at TCHS), don’t forget to say hi and strike up a conversation– we’re convinced you’ll be glad you did!

– Eunice, Judy, and Melody