Kodi Lee – Blind with Autism on “America’s Got Talent” – it’s way more than just a great story …

Kodi’s performance on America’s Got Talent

Hey TD,

The abortion debate is in full swing and the United States Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s legislation that requires burial or cremation of a baby’s body following an abortion. Yet, it declined to consider the constitutionality of Indian’s law that bans abortion based on sex, race, or disability.

Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger advocated for the compulsory segregation or sterilization of the “unfit” as well as eliminating the “unfit” before they are born, so they would not become a burden on society.  What a slippery slope. Who gets to determine who is “unfit”? Who gets to define a “burden” and the criteria used to determine that? Who determines that one life is more valuable and meaningful than another? On what basis? Says who?

If God created us and actively gives and sustains the lives of every human being on the planet each and every moment, is stands to reason that He, the Author of Life itself, alone has the right to determine its worth.  What we find in the Bible is that God bestows inherent dignity and worth to EVERY human being, as each human – no matter how different he/she is than others – is valuable and bears His image.

Watching Kodi Lee’s amazing performance on America’s Got Talent illustrated that for me, as many would consider him “unfit” to live and a drain on society’s resources.  Others argue on the basis of “compassion” for those with disabilities, stating that eliminating them would be a compassionate act, putting them out of their misery and sparing them the indignity of being reminded every day they’re alive that they aren’t “normal.” Who would want to live that way? That’s cruelty, they argue.

In my experience with those with disabilities and their families, I have found exactly the opposite to be true for both the disabled and their families.  Many affected by disabilities are actually quite happy, and their families feel immensely blessed to have them in their families.

Watching Kodi and his family affirmed all of that for me.  We are not defined by our abilities or lack of them.  We are defined by the value God places on us and goes straight to who we are – God’s image bearers. – Arthur


Getting to Know … Kevin!


Hey TD!

Well tonight is our first small group outing of the year!  It’s a time to get to know those in your small group better by having fun together.  Getting to know one another better is an important part of being in TD.  If you don’t know what you’re doing or where you should go, email us at the TD website now!

With that said, and with October being Blindness Awareness Month, we are offering the special opportunity for you all to get to know Kevin better!  Kevin – a junior at Temple City High School – has been joining us for TD and also church services recently. Kevin has graciously accepted to answer your questions about who he is, what his story is, how he does stuff, what he feels, etc. For the next 1-2 weeks, we will be collecting questions that you would like to ask Kevin. Please submit them onto the TD blog! Also, please give him a friendly greeting when you see him at church. 🙂

Living by Faith, Not by Sight

Hey TD!

In the aftermath of one of the most lopsided victories in Super Bowl history by the Seattle Seahawks, one story has emerged that has captured my attention.  It is the story of a Christian teenage boy, Jake Olson, who has been a source of inspiration to the Seahawks’ Super Bowl winning coach, Pete Carroll.  Some of you may remember that Carroll was also USC’s national championship winning coach for 10 years when he coached in college.

Jake’s story has riveted me.  His courage and faith have humbled and inspired me.  I don’t want to give away too much, so I won’t say anything more.  You’ll have to watch the following videos to find out his story.  I encourage you not only to watch them for curiosity’s sake, but to consider how you can live for our King by faith and not by sight. – Arthur

Orange County Register article