Happy 1st Anniversary, Stella!

first day

The first day we met Stella in China


Celebrating 1 year together!

Hey TD!

One year ago today, we officially adopted Stella as our daughter.  So today, we celebrated Stella’s adoption day with her favorite food: hot pot! I guess you can get the girl out of China, but you can’t get China out of the girl! 🙂

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a full year since we adopted Stella.  It’s been quite an incredible journey of life and love together, and you all at TD have been such an important part of helping her adjust to life in America.  Thank you!

We love having Stella as a full-fledged member of our family; each one of us loves and admires her quite a bit and can’t imagine life without her.  We look forward to what God has in store for us and for her, and we know that you all will have an important role to play in her life as well.

Here’s to new beginnings, God’s grace, and the love of family!

– Arthur


An Art Lesson (and more) … with Joni!!


Hey TD!

Yesterday, Sandra, Jenny, and I had the privilege of attending Joni and Friends’ 35th Anniversary at the International Disability Center (IDC).  It was a very special time engaging and celebrating God’s amazing work with our dear friends at JAF.  (Here’s a link to the Ventura County Star newspaper story.)

But there was another reason that this was a special occasion.  Yesterday was the 47th anniversary of Joni’s diving accident at Chesapeake Bay.  In speaking with JAF President, Doug Mazza, he told us that when he prayed privately with Joni for the event yesterday morning, in her prayer she prayed something like, “There were three other places I could’ve gone that day, but I went to the beach.  Thank you, Lord, that you had me choose the beach.”  Through the years, she has run through the “what if” scenarios in her mind.  But she has arrived at the realization in her heart and soul that the beach was the best scenario, not only because of the priceless relationship she now shares with Jesus, but because of how He has used her life to be a springboard of hope in Him for hundreds of thousands of families affected by disability.

In the spirit of our “Offerings” showcase tomorrow night at TD, I’d like to share with you some exclusive video from the event that you won’t find anywhere, where Joni gives us spiritual nourishment through an art lesson.  Enjoy these short videos; and as you do, would you join me in resolving to let God be God in our lives?  He really does know what He’s doing. – Arthur

Joni’s Art Introduction on the 47th Anniversary of Her Accident:

Joni on Painting Light and Being Light:

Joni and the Knife of God’s Word: