Ways to Love and Help Vulnerable Kids/Families – Rebekah Weigel (CarePortal)

CarePortal presentation w/Rebekah Weigel (video)

Hey TD!

Here’s the video of V4V Friday’s presentation on how we can start getting involved in being the hands and feet of the Lord by helping vulnerable children and families in our communities.  It’s practical, doable, and impactful, and will allow us to further fulfill our calling and mandate to help the vulnerable in Jesus’ Name!  It can be done by any fellowship group, small group, or group of friends.

Rebekah Weigel has a strong passion to see the Church return to the front of child welfare, and has been working to educate and mobilize churches in LA County to care for vulnerable children and families.

She also works with her husband, Josh, in the entertainment industry as a producer and writer.  They have been married 23 years and have fostered and adopted 3 of their 6 children.

CarePortal (a platform of The Global Orphan Project) is a technology platform that connects vulnerable children and families to people who have something to give. Social workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond.




“Living By the Holy Spirit,” Pt. 1

Living By the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1 (video)

Hey TD!

Hope you came out of Passion Week with a renewed passion yourself for our incomparable Godhead.  If you did, and you want to begin living life more under His Spirit’s leading and power, we’re starting a weekly video series on Living By the Holy Spirit, taught by Robert.

This series will be a good way to begin training yourself to walk in the Spirit more and in the flesh less.  Today’s lesson is an introduction that will help pave the way for the lessons to come towards a Spirit-led life.  Enjoy!

“A Celebration of Jesus” Tonight! Info Inside

What is Good Friday / Holy Friday? | GotQuestions.org

Hey TD!

We’re looking forward to coming together tonight with you for “A Celebration of Jesus” on this Good Friday!

Our celebration will be in 2-parts:

8 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. – Small Group (your own small group link)

8:45 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. ish – Large Group (lg Zoom TD link – ask sg leaders for link)

  • we will celebrate and share together as a whole TD family!


Looking forward to celebrating our incomparable Jesus with you all!



Passion Week Podcasts: Day 5 – “The Cross: An Excruciating Glory”

“The Cross: An Excruciating Glory” mp3

(link for those who can’t listen directly on the blog) “The Cross: An Excruciating Glory” link

Hey TD!

Well, today marks our final Passion Week podcast.  It’s the one Daniel saved for the culmination of this series.  It’s a life-altering piece of teaching that should leave you in a good and healthy place.

We pray that you will really take this weekend to give your ALL to the Lord – all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength – in heart-rending surrender and worship.

Perhaps you can take protracted times of Bible study, prayer, singing, learning, podcast listening :), and serving Him.  Whatever it takes to get your soul set on Him, do it … and enjoy!

See you at  “A Celebration of Jesus” tonight!

– Arthur

Passion Week: Day 4 – “The Cross: A Father’s Love”

“The Cross: A Father’s Love” mp3

(here’s the link for those who can’t listen directly on the blog) – The Cross: A Father’s Love link

Hey TD!

Tonight is our final small group of the week before A Celebration of Jesus on Friday night from 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Let’s make tonight our best small group yet, and let’s make much of our beloved and incomparable Jesus!

We’ll have our final podcast on Good Friday.  Be sure to listen to the culmination of the series!

Today’s podcast is personal as I share some of my testimony of how I came to Christ … through the love of my late father.  It’s the love of a father that we will focus on today, specifically, the love the Heavenly Father has for His Son.  Today’s teaching may shock you a bit, but the truth of it needs to be heard and known, for it puts everyone in their rightful place.

As usual, after listening, I encourage you to spend time in heartfelt prayer to the Lord, surrendering your life to the One who surrendered His Son for you.

– Arthur

Passion Week Podcast: Day 3 – “The Meaning of the Atonement”

The Meaning of the Atonement mp3

(here’s the link for those who can’t listen directly on the blog) – The Meaning of the Atonement link

Hey TD!

As we build momentum in our small group discussions, it’s evident that we’re starting to gain a greater import and depth of understanding of how amazing our Godhead is and how mind-blowing the gospel is.  Newton said it well, “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found; was blind but now I see!”  Our hope is that you are starting to see more clearly.

In today’s podcast, “The Meaning of the Atonement,” we’ll go “under the hood” and explain the transactions that took place on the cross – propitiation, expiation, and reconciliation.  After listening, please spend time in prayer and thanksgiving for the specific crimes he propitiated, expiated, and reconciled you from.  Then share in that vein in your small groups.  Enjoy!

Passion Week Podcast: Day 2 – “Why the Atonement?”

Why the Atonement? mp3

(the audio player is embedded on the blog, but here’s the link for those who can’t access it on the blog) – “Why the Atonement?” link

Hey TD!

We had a great first day of small groups yesterday appreciating what the Godhead went through to provide the very Savior we all terribly need.  At our absolute best, we are filthy rags as Isaiah shares.  The literal term for filthy rags is menstrual cloth.  The point being, we are moral monsters at our best.  If we were to honestly judge our very lives in front of God, we’d send ourselves to hell after seeing the evidence.  We. Need. A. Savior. And by His grace alone … we have the only one who could save us … Jesus Christ, the Righteous!

Today’s teaching, “Why the Atonement?” is especially rich and helpful in explaining why an atonement was necessary.  Philippians 2:12 charges us to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”  This will help you do just that. Again, spend some time in appreciative prayer after listening and prepare to share share something you appreciate about the Lord in your small groups tonight.

(the audio player is embedded on the blog, but here’s the link for those who can’t access it on the blog) – “Why the Atonement?” link

Passion Week Podcast: Day 1 – “God Himself Will Provide”

“God Himself Will Provide” mp3

Hey TD’ers!

A few years ago, Daniel wanted to do something for the Lord for Passion Week that would honor Him and build you guys up.  So, he decided to produce these podcasts as his gift to us.  Thanks Daniel!  Today’s podcast is, “God Himself Will Provide”.

The word holy means to be set apart from all others in a pure and righteous way.  This week is known as Holy Week or Passion Week, and it’s a week to set apart from all other weeks in the year to focus on and remember Christ in a special way.

This year, we will be posting 10 minute podcasts highlighting some pertinent and powerful teaching from the series “The Cross: His Glory, Our Hope,” one of the most important series I’ve ever taught (perhaps my favorite).

Then we’ll spend 30 minutes in our small groups each day (ask your sg leader for the link to your sg’s meeting) leading up to Good Friday, when we will participate in the church’s Good Friday service (7 p.m. – 8 p.m.)  before having “A Celebration of Jesus” (8 p.m. – 9 p.m.)

Will you join us in being extra intentional and proactive about focusing on and loving on our Savior this week? – Arthur

God Himself Will Provide – (here’s a direct link in case you have trouble with the embedded link above)


TD’s Plan Each Day for Holy Week!

The Crucifixion of Jesus - Facts About His Death on the Cross

Hey TD!

Holy Week.  The most catalytic week in human history.  We want to commemorate it as such and give extra focus on where the week leads us to … the Cross of Christ.

Though quarantined, we don’t want to treat this like any other quarantine week.  This is Holy Week and we want to bring extra attention and focus on Christ, making much of Him in our hearts and minds, and with our time.

Each day this week, we will post a 10-minute Passion Week podcast consisting of excerpts from a series of messages I’ve given at TD and various retreats years ago called The Cross: His Glory, Our Hope.

Beginning Monday, our plan is for each of us to listen to the podcast each day on our own and then meet with our small groups each night for 30 minutes to discuss the podcast, marvel at Jesus, and enjoy time with Him.

On Friday, the church is having a Good Friday service from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Then TD will be having A Celebration of Jesus from 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. where we will all share praises, thanks, and amazement of Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit borne out of the discussions and personal reflections we’ve had this week.

“‘They that honor Me, I will honor,’ says the Lord” 1 Samuel 2:30

Let’s make a big effort to honor and love on the Lord this week, TD!

*** The TD Leaders also want to encourage you to try to make Holy Week special with your family as well, perhaps by facilitating dialogue or sharing about each day’s topic and discussion in whatever manner fits your family best.  You may even invite them to listen each day with you.  Whatever way, make much of Jesus!

An Invitation to an Hour With God During These Times

An Hour of Impacting Prayer and Worship

During this one-hour online prayer time, various brothers and sisters, pastors and ministry leaders, as well as special musicians join together in a unifying moment of corporate prayer and worship.

The schedule for this one-hour livestream prayer event is as follows:

  • Song: “In Christ Alone,” led by Austin Stone Worship
  • Welcome and introduction (Julius Kim)
  • Prayers for the sick and suffering (Ligon Duncan, Jen Wilkin)
  • Prayers for medical workers (Joni Eareckson Tada, Stephen Um)
  • Prayers for provision/economy (Nancy Guthrie, John Onwuchekwa)
  • Song: “He Will Hold Me Fast,” led by Shane and Shane
  • Prayers for local, national, and global government officials (Kevin DeYoung, Jeany Jun)
  • Prayers for church leaders and missionaries (Darryl Williamson, Quina Aragon)
  • Prayers for families (John Piper, Melissa Kruger)
  • Prayers for the lost (David Platt, Jeremy Treat)
  • Next steps: #JesusChangedMyLife (Jeremy Treat)
  • Closing thoughts (Julius Kim)
  • Song: “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death,” led by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Hey TD!

My soul feels humbled, my heart strengthened, my mind sharper, my faith deepened, my longings focused, my perspective clearer.  I just spent an hour in prayer to God with Joni Eareckson Tada, John Piper, David Platt, Ligon Duncan, and many others.  I sang with Keith and Kristyn Getty and Shane and Shane.

Via the video of a livestream gathering today hosted by The Gospel Coalition, I came away humbled and sharper, as I now better understand how to specifically think of and pray for others during this coronavirus pandemic.  By the end, I found a greater energy and a softer heart than when the hour began.  I felt more connected with God’s Church universal and nearer in my soul to God.

I must say that in the 528 hours (and counting) since we’ve gone to strict social distancing, though I’ve spent many hours video conferencing, reading, memorizing, learning, studying, posting, playing Nerts and Rummikub, walking Joy, watching videos, singing, etc., this is the longest and most focused I’ve gone just praying in one sitting.

During these weeks, my prayer time has drifted to praying before meals, before sleeping, after Bible study, with short intermittent prayers throughout the day, but it hasn’t yet been protracted and concerted in this way.  It was enriching to do so.  My soul is in a better place.

So, TD, I wanted to share the opportunity with you as well in hopes that you will join me in trying to do whatever it takes to draw nearer to God, to His Church, and to love our world better during these times.

I hope you’ll invest an hour of your time.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.

– Arthur