TD’s 20/20 (Pt.2) – TD’s Top 20 Blog Posts & Top 20 Videos in 2020!

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Hey TD!

To help us look back at 2020 and see how God worked, we’re sharing TD’s 20/20 – the 20 most viewed videos on the TD channel and the 20 most viewed TD Blog posts in 2020! Yesterday, we shared the videos. Today, we’re sharing the top 20 blog posts. They are great to review. Not eligible for inclusion are update or announcement posts. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

20. The Pernicious Lie: Self Esteem

An insightful essay, written by former TD counselor, Jenny, on the seductive traits of self-esteem.

19. “True Love in a Time of Crisis” – An Important Sabbath Checkup From Ravi

A spliced 15-minute message that gives solid checkpoints to bring before God, and to pray for His adjustment and realignment, so we can be who He desires and made us to be.

18. Ravi Zacharias (1946 – 2020) – A Singular Life

Ravi was a giant and hero to so many across the globe; his reach and effectiveness for Christ to both the world’s highest leaders as well as the world’s most destitute had few parallels.

(Ravi has posthumously been under investigation for sexual misconduct. The interim reports confirm that misconduct seems to have taken place)

17. Remembering RC Sproul (MUST reading)

This post is indeed must reading. By reading MUST READ tributes, you will gain gumption, courage, and vision for your life. Contributors include Joni Eareckson Tada, John Piper, John MacArthur, Al Mohler, Steven Lawson, and Sinclair Ferguson.

16. TD Vlog – “How the Arts Can Deepen Your Faith” w/Jill Carattini

Also a Top 20 finisher in TD videos, I had a chance to spend some time with dear friend, Jill Carattini, writer extraordinaire on the deeper spiritual life, former managing editor of Ravi Zacharias Int’l Ministries’ (RZIM) Slice of Infinity, and former curator of RZIM’s formal art gallery, Stillpoint, in Atlanta, where this interview was filmed.

15. Wanna Memorize Psalm 34 With Us?

An invitation to memorize Psalm 34. Full chapter included.

14. The Beauty of the Dandelion

A powerful piece by Vaneetha Rendall Risner (shared to the TD leaders by Kathy). Vaneetha was 3 months old when she contracted Polio.  Within 24 hours she was paralyzed due to a doctor’s mistake.  She has had a lifetime of immense suffering … and ensuing God-given joy.  Her blog Dance in the Rain is a powerful source of truth, sharing, honesty, vulnerability, and hope, as is her book, The Scars That Have Shaped Me

13. The Importance of Friendship

True lasting godly friendships are few and far between, not easy to develop or maintain, but are worth the effort to forge and protect! Proverbs 18:24 shares, “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Here’s a good article for us on the importance of friendship by Michael Haykin, a friend of Ligonier Ministries.

12. Ravi Zacharias: A Personal Conversation

Here’s Part 2 of the Interview: Ravi Zacharias: A Personal Conversation, Pt. 2

A personal interview Arthur had with Ravi years ago. Powerful content that can make a difference in your walk with God.

(Ravi has posthumously been under investigation for sexual misconduct. The interim reports confirm that misconduct seems to have taken place)

11. The Bible: Don’t Neglect It!

Convicting letter written by prolific preacher, Alistair Begg, to friends of his ministry. It is worthy of your time.

10. What Being Alive Looks Like! Watch Joni and Nick!

Here’s what Sandra had to say after I asked her to watch this video:

“I loved, loved, loved the video with Joni and Nick.  They are so incredible and ALIVE!!!! They are hilarious as well, and to think we personally know them :).  They aren’t the ones with disabilities, we are!  They make us look like zombies and burdened by all the unnecessary distractions of life … YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THIS!!!”

9. Must See: A Calming Word from Joni During Coronavirus … and more!

An encouraging video from the one and only, Joni Eareckson Tada, at the beginning of the pandemic.

8. Touching God’s Heart This Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving devotion showing the value and importance of actually giving thanks.

7. “God, Racism, and Us: A Look Inside”

Posted amidst all the protests after the George Floyd incident. Includes links to valuable resources.

6. “A Christmas Meditation” by Ravi

It’s exactly what it says it is.

5. A Way in a Manger

Another insightful article by Vaneetha Rendall Risner, who is well acquainted with suffering, having experienced 21 surgeries by age 13, multiple miscarriages, the death of a child, unwanted divorce, just to name a few. The pain and disappointment she writes about in this particular post is about her diagnosis with post-polio syndrome, which involves increasing pain, weakness, and limitations in her body.

4. “Ravi: A Poetical Sketch” – A Tribute to Ravi Zacharias (mp3)

An amazing, heartfelt, and spot-on poem by Daniel for Ravi when he was dying of cancer. In writing to Ravi before sharing his poem, Daniel wrote:

” … I have never known a day in my life without your influence in it–from the time I was conceived until now. To me, you are not just someone IN this world; you are part of what I understand “world” to mean. You and your ministry are constitutive of my perception of life on this planet and the hope of the Gospel that you’ve shared on this planet.”

3. “The Real Meaning of Thank You”

A valuable devotion by Sandra, adapted from her talk at the SP Care Center.

2. What Did Jesus Do On Saturday?

We know Jesus was crucified on Friday and that He rose again on Sunday, but what did He do on Saturday? Artist Ron Dicianni discusses this in this post.

1. A Personal Conversation With RC Sproul

Here are parts 2 and 3: A Personal Conversation With RC Sproul, Pt. 2 of 3; A Personal Conversation with RC Sproul, Pt. 3 of 3

This incredible personal interview that Arthur did with RC years ago is viewed literally every single day, multiple times a day. It is far and away the most viewed post in the TD Blog’s history. It is accessed from all over the world and laps the field many times over. More importantly, it’s food for the soul and worth reading!

TD’s 20/20 (Pt.1) – TD’s 20 Most Viewed Videos & Top 20 Blog Posts in 2020!

Hey TD!

As we begin 2021, we would do well to reflect on the singular year 2020 has been. While most of us think of 2020 only in negative terms, it’s important to look back and see how God was at work. In these final posts of 2020, we’ll share TD’s 20/20 – the 20 most viewed videos on the TD channel and 20 most viewed TD Blog posts in 2020! They are enriching.

Today, we’ll share 2020’s most viewed TD videos (irrespective of when the videos were originally posted). Enjoy and be blessed!

20. “Becoming the Coach I’ve Become (incl. CIF-SS Championship video)

Arthur’s intro to the first session of TD’s ’20-’21 theme (Christ For Real), entitled, “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become.” (that video came in 21st). Filmed on location on the tennis court.

19. “Good For Nothing” (What We Are Good For) – Sandra

Sandra teaching the year’s 3rd session in our Christ For Real series (emceed by Charis and Elijah)

18. Rebecca Recaps [REFRESH] Ready for College? Day 2

This was the first year [REFRESH] was held virtually. It was probably the best conference of the year. Enter Refresh in our search bar to access each day’s sessions.

17. 2020 V4V Sunday Service Announcement

By God’s leading, through the generosity of His people, we raised a record $105K for Adoption Aid Grants through Show Hope. TD’s time of sharing during Sunday service was anointed and special (song to come!).

16. A Real UCLA Education?

2020 has forced us to evaluate what’s really real and what’s not – online school and church? Shot on location at an empty UCLA campus.

15. Michelle Chen – What Would Jesus Do With Bullying?

Michelle’s 2017 CA Southern Baptist Youth Speakers Tournament winning speech, given at the 2027 Ignition Youth Conference in Sacramento.

T13. 2020 V4V Song – Is This What Love Looks Like?

As part of the V4V Sunday service announcement, members of TD sang this moving song, accompanied by a moving video. Not a dry eye in the place (Daniel, Robert, Gaby, Raina, Cassie, Rebecca, Angela)

T13. ’20 – ’21 TD Opening Night – “Christ For Real”

Opening Night of Christ For Real included worship, freshmen intro, TD Mobile, Sandra/Daniel theme interview (emceed by Allison and Aaron)

12. Way Maker (Cover) w/Daniel & Robert

Worship alongside Daniel and Robert. Shot on location at Lacy Park.

11. Joy to the World (Steven Curtis Chapman Cover) – Robert

Relive Christmas with this fresh remake of a classic Christmas hymn.

10. Charles Wong Memorial Service – 1/18/20

The meaningful memorial service of Sandra’s beloved father, Daniel’s and Angela’s grandfather, MBCLA architect, long-time TD supporter. So much to learn from his life. Eulogies include Arthur’s, Sandra’s, Daniel’s. Sky Rose Chapel – Rose Hills. 4 videos.

9. ’20 – ’21 TD Kick-Off

Kick-Off includes Art Gallery, TD Mobile, live worship, What is TD? (Daniel), Happy B-day, Gaby, Intro to Ministry Groups (Kathy), Daniel interviews Arthur about TD while driving (emceed by Michelle and Calvin)

8. Worship Session w/Daniel and Angela

Heartfelt, personal, and intimate worship to a heartfelt, personal, and intimate God – Holy Spirit, Way Maker (chorus), Open Space, Great Are You, Lord.

7. Ravi Wishes Sandra a Happy 50th

Birthday greetings from 20__? 🙂 from the late Ravi Zacharias.

6. TD Vlog – Jill Carattini on How the Arts Can Deepen Your Faith

A poignant and insightful interview from [REFRESH] at the Stillpoint Gallery in Atlanta on the value of the arts in the Christian life.

5. Welcome to TD! ’20 – ’21

TD leaders have fun welcoming TD’ers to TD!

4. 2018 CIF-SS D5 Girls Tennis Champions – Maranatha Minutemen

Recap of MHS’s 2018 CIF-SS championship. Includes Arthur getting a surprise ice bath. The Championship Ring Ceremony in the Maranatha HS gym was also a top 20 finisher, but was combined with this video.

3. Total Devotion Year-End Celebration – 2020

Though virtual, it was a blast and chock full of surprises – includes Daniel’s recap of the year, live competition between the Hsiehs (b-ball, ping pong, Nerts), Class of ’20 senior tributes, Arthur’s message, Year-End slideshow, Year-End toast. (emceed by Class of ’21)

2. 2020 V4V Video – Stella’s Story

V4V’s 2020 promo video featuring our very own Stella and her incredible journey helped launch our record-setting V4V campaign. The Chinese version also was a top-ten finisher.

  1. Joni on Painting Light and Being Light

The incomparable Joni Eareckson Tada – quadriplegic, author, speaker, singer, and … artist extraordinaire shares how she brings light out of her paintings … and out of her life! On location at the grand opening of the International Disability Center in Agoura Hills, a special place members of TD have visited a few times. Part of 3 videos – Joni and the Knife of God’s Word and Joni’s Art Introduction on 47th Anniversary of Her Accident.

“Light Changes Everything” – a Christmas Devotional! (video)

“Light Changes Everything” Christmas Devotional (video)

Merry Christmas TD!

On location at possibly the most driven-by home in South Pasadena each Christmas, Arthur reads “Light Changes Everything,” a Christmas devotional written by Michelle Tepper, RZIM apologist in the book, Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace, Light: A Special RZIM Advent Devotional. May it help you commune with the Light of the World in a special way this Christmas!

Sing Along! – “Joy to the World” (Steven Curtis Chapman Cover) by Robert

Sing along as Robert covers “Joy to the World” by Steven Curtis Chapman (video)

Hey TD!

As we close in on Christmas this Advent season, it’s so clear why Jesus needed to leave His throne and journey down to earth. We need saving. The world needs saving. The entire human race – past, present, and future – needs saving. Jesus went on the most difficult and most impossible missions trip in human history … and He accomplished what He came here to do. He took our place before the Father, saving us from the sentence due us, so we could take His place before the same Father and stand blameless. Now that’s reason for joy … and thanksgiving; “… that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be made full.” John 15:11

I asked Robert to record this song that he shared with us at TD. It’s a great take on the classic song by one of our mutually favorite artists, Steven Curtis Chapman. Robert did such a great job of it, but the sound was a little off that night; so he graciously said ok, despite a busy schedule. So, please enjoy, sing along, and praise the Christ of Christmas!

– Arthur

The 4th Sunday of Advent – 2 Advent Devotionals (video)

Amy Orr-Ewing, RZIM – “Jesus is the Servant-King” (Advent video)

Max Jeganathan, RZIM – 4th Sunday of Advent: “Peace Came Down” (video)

Hey TD!

On this final Sunday of Advent, Amy and Max lead us to a crescendo as we head into Christmas. Please take advantage of these videos and use them to point your heart and mind to the Christ of Christmas.

We hope your faith is being nourished through these Advent videos, and that they have helped to bring more meaning and joy to your Advent season.

Our Good Shepherd desires and seeks our joy; according to John 15:11, “that your joy may be full.” If you are in need of God’s security and the joy He offers you, please reach out to a TD leader, and we’ll be thrilled to speak with you!

The 3rd Sunday of Advent – 2 Advent Devotionals (videos)

Amy Orr-Ewing, RZIM – “Jesus is the Good Shepherd” (Advent video)

Max Jeganathan, RZIM – 3rd Sunday of Advent: “Joy Came Down” (video)

Hey TD!

On this third Sunday of Advent, Amy-Orr Ewing and Max Jeganathan complement each other very well in this week’s pair of Advent videos. Amy brings a lot of insight and perspective on location at a field with sheep. Max reminds us that Jesus came for our joy, not our happiness, and helps us distinguish the two.

We hope your faith is being nourished through these Advent videos, and that they have helped to bring more meaning and joy to your Advent season.

Our Good Shepherd desires and seeks our joy; according to John 15:11, “that your joy may be full.” If you are in need of God’s security and the joy He offers you, please reach out to a TD leader, and we’ll be thrilled to speak with you!

TD Fri. – “Living on God’s Terms”! (videos)

Video: “Good For Nothing” (What we are good for) – Sandra

Video: “Good For Nothing” – recap video (courtesy Michael Chan)

Hey TD!

From the moment God bestowed life to us, our lives have been a giant tug-of-war between living on our terms and living on God’s terms, haven’t they? That was the dilemma facing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where God unambiguously set out the terms for life and death. We have been on the wrong side of those terms ever since.

Join us this Friday as Kathy leads our study, “Living on God’s Terms.” We are continuing our ongoing series, Christ For Real!

You can view the last session, “Good For Nothing,” or the recap video above. If you’d like to catch up or review the previous sessions in the series, just click below:

Video: “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become,” Pt. 1 (God and Your Performance)

Video: “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become,” Pt. 2 (What’s Wrong With Dedication to God)

Video: “Becoming the Coach I’ve Become” (incl. CIF-SS Championship video)

See you Friday at 8 p.m.!

The 2nd Sunday of Advent – 2 Advent Devotionals (videos)

Amy Orr-Ewing, RZIM – “Jesus is Messiah” (Advent video)

Max Jeganathan, RZIM – Second Sunday of Advent: “Love Came Down” (video)

Hey TD!

Much of the Christian world celebrates Advent in honor of the first coming of Christ, as well as in preparation of the second coming of Christ. It is a time-honored tradition to help God’s children set apart special mind space and heart space to imbibe the goodness and daringness of God in sending His Son to earth for us.

May these Advent videos by the incomparable Amy Orr-Ewing and the sharp Max Jeganathan help guide you on this second Sunday of Advent!

Love Himself came down to meet us, hear us, identify with us, become us, redeem us, save us, and adopt us … so that we could forever find ourselves in love’s strong yet tender grasp. If you want to grow in this love, please reach out to a TD leader!

Continued blessings!

“Good For Nothing” (videos) – recap and full session videos

Video: “Good For Nothing” (What we are good for) – Sandra

Video: “Good For Nothing” – recap video (courtesy Michael Chan)

Hey TD!

To prepare for next Friday’s session in our ongoing series, Christ For Real, here a recap video, as well as the full recording of our last session, “Good For Nothing,” where Sandra led us in exploring our problems with our mortality, our morality, and what the Messiah actually provides for us. It would be a great way to focus on Christ and His purpose for coming to earth during this Advent season!

Below are videos of the first two sessions of the year, “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become,” Pts. 1 and 2:

Video: “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become,” Pt. 1 (God and Your Performance)

Video: “Becoming the Christian You’ve Become,” Pt. 2 (What’s Wrong With Dedication to God)

Video: “Becoming the Coach I’ve Become” (incl. CIF-SS Championship video)

Starting the Advent Season Right – 2 Advent Devotions (video)

Amy Orr-Ewing – “Jesus is the Holy One” (Advent video)

Max Jeganathan, RZIM – First Sunday of Advent: “Hope Came Down” (video)

Hey TD!

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, a focused time to meditate upon and anticipate the coming of the Hope of the World. Of course, we have always been in dire need of that Hope that God provides, and 2020 has made that need all the more clear.

We hope that you will make special efforts this Advent season to spend with the Lord in anticipating and appreciating the Hope of the World. We’ll try to help you along by posting Advent resources like these two videos provided by our friends at RZIM! they are not long, but they are poignant and will give you something solid to consider in the week ahead.

TD, there IS hope! And that true and abiding HOPE can be yours! Reach out to a TD leader if you want to find out how to grow in that hope.