TD Fri. – Love Your Neighbor Night

Hey TD!

Each small group will be doing something different as we seek to enjoy and love our neighbors in Jesus’ Name! Reach out to one of your small group leaders for the time and place to meet.


– Arthur

TD Pics, “Nakedness” mp3, and more …

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Hey TD!

We’ve got an exciting Friday chock-full goodness planned.  In addition to taking a deeper dive together into “On Nakedness and Shame,” we’ll also be highlighting Offerings 9, making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children, Love Your Neighbor Night, and more!

To prep for Friday’s discussion, please listen to and/or review Daniel’s message below. It’s a vital topic for us to broach, here in TD in particular, if we’re going to make any progress in the way we experience God, life, others, etc. :

“On Nakedness and Shame” (mp3) Daniel

7:15 p.m. is our TD Pre-Party.  See you Friday!

TD Fri. – “On Nakedness and Shame”


Hey TD!

What do you ENJOY more, being naked or clothed? Is your enjoyment, with or without clothes, situation specific? Does it have to do with culture, convention, or the company you are around? What do clothes reveal about us and what do they hide? What does it mean when the Scripture says that Adam and Eve were naked and felt no shame? What changed after the Fall?

Come out to TD this Friday to explore the sensitive yet significant aspects of human nakedness and need. Daniel will be leading our study and helping us to understand why a clear understanding of nakedness and clothing are part of the foundations of joy and enjoying Grace.

TD Doubleheader This Weekend – Park on Fri./ SOS Sat.!

Hey TD!

We don’t have just one, but TWO great opportunities for you ENGAGE and ENJOY God and one another this weekend!

On Friday, we’ll be having a joint event at the park with BASIC, where you can visit with your old BASIC counselors, befriend the new kids there, and just have a fun time playing games and chillin’.

The event is from 7 – 9:30 p.m. at Almansor Park in Alhambra.  Get dropped off and picked up there.

On Saturday, we have SOS Saturday!  This is an opportunity for you to join in a monthly TD tradition that has been going on for 30 years, where we visit the So. Pasadena Care Center (formerly known as the So. Pas Convalescent Hospital).  Serving others is not only an essential aspect of TD’s life and ministry, it needs to be an essential aspect of yours; otherwise, you are not living your life the way God intends you to live it.

What you’ll find in serving and caring for others to the honor of God, with no strings attached, is a deep joy and satisfaction that God gives to those who obey Him and who take care of others, especially the weak and ignored.

Take advantage of this great opportunity!  Meet at the front of the Hsiehs’ at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.  You’ll return at around noon.

TD Sat. – SOS Saturday!


Hey TD!

Make sure to come to our first SOS Saturday of the new TD year!  This is an opportunity to love God and to love your neighbors, especially those close to God’s heart – the weak.  In doing so, you will be fulfilling one of the callings God has on your life.  Not many of you have made the effort to take advantage of the opportunity to bless God’s heart in this way, but you can this Saturday by befriending and hanging out with some wonderful elderly friends.  It’ll be a feel-good time of encouragement, doing what’s right, perspective, and fun.  The residents at the Care Center are so special and rich in heart, you’re sure to be blessed.

Meet at the Hsiehs’ at 9:30 a.m.  Return by noon with lunch to follow.  Let your TD leader know if you can come!

Breaking News: Special TD Tonight!

Ruth Malhotra

Hey TD!

We’ve made an exciting last-minute change to TD tonight that you won’t want to miss!

Ruth Malhotra, Director of Public Relations at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) will be coming to TD tonight! Though Ruth personally knows a ton of very influential people, including the President of the United States, she is about as down to earth a person as they come.  She knows who she is and Whose she is, which allows her to be both humble and courageous at the same time.

We at TD are committed to do our part to help you TD’ers think through what you believe and don’t believe, help you to know what God wants you believe and not believe, and then help you to be able to live out what you do believe.  Tonight’s meeting will help you towards that end.

Ruth has an incredible story of courage and conviction as she stood up to one of America’s major universities, filing a court case in support of the ability to live out one’s faith and hold conservative views.  The case was filed in “opposition to the school’s ironclad speech codes, which severely curtailed any student conversation, publications, events, or activities administrators arbitrarily deemed “intolerant.” The codes banned free exchange of ideas except in very limited areas of campus, denied student activity funds to clubs and organizations that engaged in ‘religious activities,’ and officials even instituted a program, “Safe Space,” designed to demonize anyone or any group that considered homosexual behavior immoral.” (courtesy Alliance Defending Freedom)

Not only are the details of the story pretty crazy, but the outcome was landmark for our nation.  She has graciously agreed to share her story with us tonight.

We at TD are committed to do our part to help you TD’ers think through what you believe and don’t believe, help you to know what God wants you believe and not believe, and then help you to be able to live out what you do believe.  Tonight’s meeting will help you towards that end.

Make sure to come tonight and feel free to invite a friend!