(Video) 2020 TD Year-End Celebration!

Full video of ’20 TD Year-End Celebration

Hey TD!

By all accounts so far, the ’20 TD Year-End Celebration was the best Zoom event that any of us has ever had!  Even the coronavirus couldn’t keep us down and couldn’t keep us from whole-heartedly celebrating God’s abundant goodness and faithfulness to us this year!

It’s easy to see that SO MUCH planning and hard work went in to making this the best event possible.  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who did their part in making this such a memorable celebration, especially to Aileen, Calvin, Daniel/Sandra who hand-delivered all the Martinelli’s to each and every home!


’20 TD Year-End Celebration Table of Contents

0:00 – 8:50                         Daniel’s Awesome Recap of the ’19 – ’20 TD Year

8:50 – 9:18                         Intro to Worship – John emcee

9:18 – 17:07                      Worship – “Sovereign Over Us” – Robert, Kathy, and Hannah

17:08 – 17:51                    Guess That Baby! – Allison emcee

17:51 – 20:43                    Tribute to Parents – Anabell

20:49 – 21:14                    Guess That Baby! – Gaby emcee

22:34 – 23:04                    Intro to Game – Charis emcee

23:36 – 31:48                    Round 1 – ’19 – ’20 TD Trivia Game – Arthur

31:52 – 34:45                    B-Ball “Knockout” – Angela v. Daniel v. Arthur

34:46 – 36:56                    Joke Break – Alycia emcee

36:56 – 51:13                    Address – “Drawing Near at Arm’s Length?” – Arthur

51:14 – 51:58                    Charis/Raina emcees

51:59 – 55:03                    Round 2 – ’19 – ’20 TD Trivia Game – Arthur

55:04 – 59:32                    Ping Pong – Stella v. Arthur

59:46 – 1:00:30                Guess That Baby! – Caleb/Harmony emcee

1:00:50 – 1:03:36             Tribute to Parents – Benson

1:03:40 – 1:04:10             Guess That Baby? – Caleb/Harmony emcees

1:04:15 – 1:06:40             Tribute to Parents – Stefan

1:06:49 – 1:07:10             Guess That Baby! – Harmony emcee

1:07:27 – 1:07:48             Allison/Rebecca emcees

1:08:10 – 1:13:05             Round 3 – ’19 – ’20 TD Trivia Game – Arthur

1:13:35 – 1:17:40             Nerts – Sandra v. Daniel v. Angela v. Stella

1:17:45 – 1:18:04             Gaby/Alycia – emcees

1:18:53 – 1:24:36             Thanking TD Leaders – Sandra

1:24:48 – 1:25:33             Rebecca/Harmony – Emcees

1:25:37 – 1:30:17             Thanking Arthur/Sandra – Kathy

1:30:17 – 1:30:55             Charis – Emcee

1:31:18 – 1:36:19             Tribute to Anabell – Sandra

1:36:25 – 1:40:56              Tribute to Stefan – Robert

1:41:00 – 1:46:13             Tribute to Paul – Calvin

1:46:25 – 1:51:26             Tribute to Jade – Rebecca

1:51:30 – 1:57:14             Tribute to Benson – Daniel

1:57:15 – 1:57:39             Raina emcee

1:57:40 – 2:05:32             ’19 – ’20 TD Year-End Slideshow

2:05:47 – 2:06:16             Harmony emcee

2:06:17 – 2:07:05             Daniel thanks Jonathan

2:07:06 – 2:10:00            Trivia Game Winners Announced – Arthur

2:10:07 – 2:17:19             Year-End Toast – Daniel and Friends

2:17:19 – 2:18:02             Closing Remarks – Allison emcee

2:18:03 – 2:18:35             Daniel Thanks Juniors

2:18:40 – 2:21:07             Closing Prayer – Sandra

2:21:08 – 2:23:44             Remarks to Parents – Arthur


Need Y/N TD Year-End Celebration RSVP!


Hey TD!

We have a great TD Year-End Celebration planned for this Saturday to celebrate God’s faithfulness to us this ’19 – ’20 year!

Though we can’t be together physically, it’s going to be fun and meaningful closing the year out together.  PLUS, we’re going to honor our departing seniors as they become TD alumni.

We need your RSVP’s ASAP, otherwise we can’t include you in some of the specific special things planned.

Your families are also invited to join us!  Please RSVP with your small group leader if you are coming or not, and if your family will be coming.  Again, we need your response ASAP.

We are also requesting that guys wear collared dress shirts and gals wear something similarly nice!

See you on Saturday!


TD Fri. – “A Biblical Look at Race, Pt. 2”

Bless These Hands - Michael's Blessing

Hey TD!

Last week, we tried to take an objective and biblical look at race – the way God ordained and looks at it.  Then we explored its deviance – in the forms of personal and interpersonal racism – and were challenged with taking a deep look inside to uncover the stereotypes and prejudices we personally have and actually carry out on a daily basis.

This Friday, we will explore institutional and cultural racism, as God cares also about the systems and communities that are the infrastructure of society, particularly at the levels we live at.  It will be a valuable, albeit potentially uncomfortable discussion.

See you Friday!


Hear from RZIM President, Michael Ramsden on “Where is God in the Coronavirus?” on Thursday! Register now!

Thursday Online Event Series Kicks Off This Week

And It’s Free!


Hey TD!

Wow, RZIM is really coming to bat big time!  They are hosting the Thursday Series each Thursday for the next few weeks.  This Thursday is with Michael Ramsden, President of RZIM!  He is amazing – sharp as a tack, yet witty, funny, and winsome.

If any of you saw Vince last week, you know that he is a cut above.  Well, Michael, Jo, and Max are in the same category.  Top, top notch.  If you’re able, you definitely want to hear them, especially during the live Q & A.

I want to give you the opportunity to access the tools to grow as thinkers, future orators, defenders, and ambassadors for Christ.  To know Him and how He thinks and feels well will be invaluable for your future.

If you consistently take advantage of these opportunities, you will find your “game” improving, without even really knowing how it happened exactly.  It’s just like sports, where if you keep playing with the big boys, your game naturally improves.  Anyway, I’d commend it, if you’re able! – Arthur


Thursday, June 18, 2020 | 7:00 pm (EDT)
Where is God in the Coronavirus?
Speaker: Michael Ramsden (President of RZIM)

Thursday, June 25, 2020 | 7:00 pm (EDT)
Love at Arm’s Length: What Social Distancing Teaches us About Relationships
Speakers: Dr. Vince Vitale (RZIM Director for the Americas & Director of the Zacharias Institute) and Dr. Jo Vitale (Dean of Studies at the Zacharias Institute & RZIM itinerant speaker)

Thursday, July 2, 2020 | 7:00 pm (EDT)
Life in the Marketplace Post-Pandemic
Speakers: Max Jeganathan (RZIM Asia-Pacific Regional Director)

Thursday, July 9, 2020 | 7:00 pm (ET)
A Christian Response to Past Pandemics
Speakers: Dr. Michael Haykin (Professor of Church History at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)


We are grateful to Noetic Shift and the partners of RZIM Canada who have made it possible for us to offer this event series for free.


Click the button below to register for the event series. Following the first event, subsequent email reminders will be sent with access to the next event. You can choose to unsubscribe from these at any time. Please check your junk mail or email us at events@rzim.ca if you do not receive an email upon registration.



TD Fri. – “A Biblical Look at Race”

Bless These Hands - Michael's Blessing

Hey TD,

Building upon the discussion started last week during “God, Racism, and Us: A Look Inside” (please read if you haven’t done so), we will continue to work towards getting a better handle on this issue by grounding ourselves with a biblical understanding of what the Bible says about race.  From there, we can begin launching into discussions of sustainable long-term response and action.

Please feel free to use this as an opportunity to reach out and invite your friends to our discussion!

A MUST Watch! – Ravi’s Memorial

Video: Inspirational memorial service for Ravi Zacharias

Hey TD,

I’ve told you before how I actually find memorial services very meaningful and powerful, often more than weddings.  I always come away from a memorial service having learned something about how life is to be lived and how to improve the way I live my life.  Well, that was especially true today as I watched the memorial service of my hero and friend, Ravi Zacharias.  Even though I know more about Ravi than most, I came away still being amazed afresh and so richly blessed by his life.  It was transcendent.  Sandra said she felt like Heaven touched earth.  We both came away so amped up to live our lives fully for the Lord.

Friends, you need to watch this.  Don’t skip around and skim through it.  That would be almost irreverent.  Imagine yourself as if you were actually there, like you actually knew him, and just take it in.  Listen carefully, lovingly, compassionately, and feel for his family.  Immerse yourself.  Absorb.  Learn.  Glean.  Observe and pay attention.  There is so much to take away.  You will be the better for it.

Sandra and/or I would love to talk with any of you about Ravi, his memorial service, or anything the Spirit may be doing in your life.  Just reach out!

“Because I live, you will live also.” John 14:19

– Arthur




Ravi Zacharias Buried in Casket Built by Prisoners

“Our hope is as certain as Jesus’s grave is empty,” said Sam Allberry in solemn graveside service.

“Our hope is as certain as Jesus’s grave is empty,” said Sam Allberry in solemn graveside service.

Ravi Zacharias was laid to rest on Thursday, May 21, in a private ceremony in Georgia. It was a largely overcast day with glimpses of sunlight piercing through the clouds, a reflection of those who were mourning below with glimpses of hope piercing through the mournful occasion. His family gathered to honor not just the leader of a global ministry or an evangelist-apologist who crisscrossed the globe in the service of Christ, but a loving husband, a nurturing father, and a loyal and generous brother. Sam Allberry, who officiated the service, rightly reminded all that this is not the end of Ravi’s story. Hovering over the whole ceremony was the confidence of the words that had saved Ravi’s life 57 years ago: “Because I live, you will also live” (John 14:19).

Allberry gently ministered to the family through his message of hope and assurance in Christ during the graveside service. He explained that the Christian’s hope is grounded in the assurance of Christ’s life and faithfulness. Since Christ lives, we know that Ravi lives. In that sense, the grave is something of a painful deception. Ravi now rests cradled in our Lord’s earth not as one who has been snatched from life, but as a dear saint ultimately liberated to life everlasting in the presence of his Lord and Savior. Using an analogy fitting of a man who had spent his life spanning the globe, Allberry described the grave as an airport transit lounge visited before one reaches their final destination. We know it is not the final destination because it was not Christ’s final destination. “Our hope,” Allberry said, “is as certain as Jesus’s grave is empty.”

Ravi passed away on May 19 after a short battle with cancer at the age of 74. He died on his mother’s birthday. He is survived by his wife, Margie, their three children, and five grandchildren.


The love that many around the world felt for Ravi through his lifetime of work was present in the very receptacle in which Ravi’s body now rests. Ravi’s message of hope in Jesus Christ resonated with many, especially those in prison populations around the world. He developed a special relationship with Louisiana State Penitentiary, known widely as Angola Prison, inspired by his friendship with the late Chuck Colson, a leading figure in prison ministry and the man who first urged Ravi to put his Harvard Veritas lectures into the written form that became his second book, Can Man Live Without God?

Ravi visited Angola a few times over the years, most recently in June of 2019. It was an incredible experience he wrote about in a June 8 Facebook post:

“In the ante room to the execution room is where the sentenced man has his last meal. A prisoner has painted two paintings that grace the wall there. One is Daniel in the Lion’s Den, meaning, “God might still rescue you.” Next to that is another one: Elijah going up on chariots of fire. One way or the other, God will be there for you. …

Even in a dark place, the Gospel is shining with grace and power. That is the only hope for the world because we are all prisoners of sin, and only the cross has the answer and the freedom.”


The prisoners at Angola held a very special place in Ravi’s heart. In a beautiful example of the Grand Weaver ever-present in Ravi’s life and death, it is these very prisoners who lovingly crafted the casket in which Ravi was buried.

Ravi wrote about his request to be buried in a casket fashioned by Angola inmates in his most recent book, Seeing Jesus from the East (Zondervan, 2020). With great insight, he wrote of the inspirational lessons one can learn from these dear brothers in Christ. Ravi did not know that his words would be full of so much meaning for his loved ones just a few months after they were penned. “These prisoners know that this world is not their home,” Ravi explains, “and that no coffin could ever be their final destination. Jesus assured us of that. Such is the gospel story.” He expands on this message later, writing “The story of the gospel is the story of eternal life. My life is unique and will endure eternally in God’s presence. I will never be ‘no more.’ I will never be lost because I will be with the One who saves me.”


These sentiments were felt throughout the service, which began with the reading of God’s word in John 11:25, 26; Romans 8:38, 39; and 1 Thessalonians 4:14, 17b, and came to a close in the Anglican committal prayer

We have entrusted Ravi to God’s mercy,

and we now commit his body to the ground:

in sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life

through our Lord Jesus Christ,

who will transform our frail bodies

that they may be conformed to his glorious body,

who died, was buried, and rose again for us.

To him be glory for ever.


Ravi Zacharias, a friend of Christ who tried to end his life after 17 years and was given 57 more by and through God’s grace, has finished his race and entered Eternal Rest. As God rested from His works, Ravi now rests from his as well (Hebrews 4:9, 10). At the conclusion of this solemn graveside service, as Ravi’s casket was lowered into Georgia’s red clay soil, Allberry could not help but to reflect on those famous words attributed to George Herbert, “Death used to be an executioner, but the gospel has made him just a gardener.”


Photos by Elizabeth Lauren Jones Photography.

Margie and the Zacharias family have asked that in lieu of flowers gifts be made to the ongoing work of RZIM. Ravi’s heart was people. His passion and life’s work centered on helping people understand the beauty of the gospel message of salvation. Our prayer is that, at his passing, more people will come to know the saving grace found in Jesus through Ravi’s legacy and the global team at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Story courtesy of RZIM Canada

TD Fri. – Mini-groups Study on Jn. 14:15-31

Frequently Asked Questions | Oh My Cupcakes!

Hey TD,

We’re going to be continuing our journey in 1st century Palestine, where Jesus just told His disciples that He would be shortly leaving them during their final meal together.  Judas had just left to betray Jesus and now the disciples were in disbelief at what Jesus was telling them.

In our study “Because I Live …” we’ll continue our study of John 14:15-31; but this time we’re going to be doing it in mini-groups, where there will only be 2 – 3 TD’ers per group, each led by a TD intern or counselor.

In preparation for our time of study together, please read, re-read, and prayerfully work through the passage, jotting down notes, questions, thoughts, etc. as you do.  Read it as if your life, your future, your calling, your purpose, your impact depend on it.  Then, bring those thoughts to your mini-group, put them into the “pot,” and let’s see what the Holy Spirit cooks up for us!

Your mini-group leader will reach out to you and give you the Zoom or Google Meet link that you’ll be meeting at.  This should be a fun, meaningful, and insightful time.

We’ll meet as usual at 8 p.m.  Please be on time!  See you soon!

Have a great time!

TD Fri. – ” Because I Live …” Jn 14:15-31

Fresh ingredients for preparing roasted mixed vegetables on the table. Stock Photo - 45345269

Hey TD!

This Friday, we’re going to be taking a trip to 1st century Palestine, where we will drop in on Jesus and His disciples as they share their last supper together in what’s now referred to as the Upper Room.  After Judas leaves the meal at Jesus’ behest to “do quickly” what he was going to do, Jesus informs His remaining disciples that He will soon leave them.  They left their lives and livelihoods for Him and now He was going to leave them???

That’s where we’ll pick it up from as we listen to some of Jesus’ final words and promises to His beloved disciples.  We’ll consider their implications for them and transport their import to His beloved disciples today.

In preparation for our time of study together, please read, re-read, and prayerfully work through John 14:15-31, jotting down notes, questions, thoughts, etc. as you do.  Read it as if your life, your future, your calling, your purpose, your impact depend on it.  Then, bring those thoughts to our TD meeting, put them into the “pot,” along with the other “ingredients” that will be contributed, and let’s see what God cooks up for us!

We’ll meet as usual at 8 p.m.  Please be on time!  See you soon!

“Shoulds & Oughts: Is There Really Such a Thing?, Pt. 2” A Discussion on Morality (bring a friend)

People stay true to moral colors, studies find | The Source ...

We’re not interested in pushing religion on anyone; we’re interested in discovering what is actually true.

Hey TD!

This Friday, we will be following up our discussion on ethics with a discussion on morality. Though similar, they are distinct and complementary.  Whereas ethics speaks to the “oughts” of life, morality speaks to the values that undergird those “oughts”; where do our values come from and are these values subjective or objective? Are they personal, socially constructed, or transcendent?

We’ll be in both large group and small groups as we attempt to get further in figuring out (or even discovering!) the values we actually live by, want to live by, … or should live by. Small groups will be mixed this week (mixed gender, mixed leaders).

Invite your friends to join us (including your friends that came last week) as we take another step in this journey together. Again, it will be an environment where each person and each opinion will be respected and given a fair hearing while actually working towards the best answers. We’re not interested in pushing religion on anyone; we’re interested in discovering what is actually true.

Please give the name of your friend to your small group leader, so we know to expect them and can admit them to the room.  Unknown names will not be admitted (which happened last week).