TD Fri. – Forum – “Can I Really Know God Personally?”

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Hey TD!

Most of you have been churched for as long as you can remember, and you have accumulated some important knowledge about God over the years. How would you respond if you were asked whether you in fact knew God … personally?  Further yet, how would God respond if He was asked whether He was in a personal relationship with you?

In order to see what this all looks like in various personalities, stages of life, and contexts, we’ll have an opportunity to learn and pick up tips, ideas, and strategies to incorporate into our relationships with God.  

Last month, we opened up our theme of Engage: Living Life in HD by addressing our engagement with God by delving into the topic, “Can I Really Know God Personally?” In that message, Arthur walked us through various perceptions that mere humans cannot know God personally, and led us to God’s own revelation to us that not only can we know Him personally, but He wants us to.  In fact, if we don’t, then all we’re doing is practicing a human-generated religion, like every other religion out there.

Arthur then opened the door on a to answer the next question, “How can we begin knowing God personally?  He gave us 3 preliminary, foundational steps to take in order to begin that journey:

  1. Improve your reading skills and reading habits. God revealed Himself in a book, which makes improving our reading an important part of getting to know Him better.
  2. Train yourself to improve your listening, so you can listen well to God while in the Bible. Listening well isn’t merely a physical phenomena; it’s very spiritual
  3. Learn how to respond and dialogue with God about what you’ve read and heard while spending time with Him.  Relationships require, well … relating; and relating means it’s two-way.

In order to see what this all looks like in various personalities, stages of life, and contexts, we’ll have an opportunity to learn and pick up tips, ideas, and strategies to incorporate into our relationships with God.

We’ll get to hear from the counselors and one another, and get to ask questions that can spark creativity and freshness into how we relate with our Creator.

See you Friday!



TD Sat. – Thanksgiving Weekend Fun For Family and Friends!

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Hey TD!

We have a weekend extravaganza of fun for the whole family! You, your family, and friends can come to one or both Saturday events:

10 a.m.  – It’s SOS Saturday!  Our Thanksgiving visit to the Care Center!

Come join us as we join our elderly, widowed, disabled, wonderful friends at the Care Center to bring fellowship, friendship, and God’s love and touch.  Meet at the Hsiehs’ at 9:30 a.m.

2 p.m. – “2018 TD Ultimate Frisbee Tournament”!

This is fun and healthy for the whole family. It’ll be a great time to work off all of that Thanksgiving feasting and get some exercise 🙂 Don’t know how to play? No worries! We’ll have games for beginners to advanced.  This will be a great way to spend healthy time with your family and friends, and will be an opportunity to bond and build community.

Please rsvp with your small group leaders as to which event(s) you’ll be participating in.

See you Saturday, TD!

TD Fri. – “A TD Thanksgiving feat. Offerings 8”!

Hey TD!

This Friday is “A TD Thanksgiving feat. Offerings 8”! Woohoo! It’s going to be great time of giving thanks to our ever-so-gracious God through food, fun, fellowship, and Offerings 8! We’ll meet at the Hsiehs’ home at 6:30 p.m. to begin the festivities.


Each small group member will bring primarily main dishes and sides, while one person in each group will bring drinks and one person will bring dessert. Let your small group leaders know what you’ll be bringing.

Offerings 8

The theme is “Engage!” and is an invitation for us to engage with God and one another creatively and artistically by giving Him an offering of music, art, writing, reading, recitation, whatever.  You may be hesitant or nervous about giving Him a public offering, but we encourage you take a risk and go for it.  It will not only be a blessing to others, but to yourself as well.  If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up with your small group leaders today!

I posted this interview last with the one and only Jill Carattini month, but it’s a great reminder as to why the arts are an important component to the Christian life and the Christian community.  I’d encourage you to watch it again and respond:


See you Friday! – Arthur

TD Fri. – Invite Your Friends to “Can I Really Know God Personally?”

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Hey TD!

We will finally begin our year-long theme of Engage! Living Life in HD.  I’m excited to see how God will speak to us and how He will lead us to reach our friends with His love and His message of hope and truth. This Friday, we will focus on the question, “Can I Really Know God Personally?” It’s one of the most vital questions, if not THE most vital question, in life.

Please use this opportunity to invite your friends! Most of you don’t feel confident enough to engage in meaningful dialog about God and faith, and that’s ok. We understand. It’s scary. We can help. Just invite a friend or two to TD this week and we’ll help reach them with kindness, as well as with some answers of help and hope.  We won’t answer everything, but it will be a good start and will give you something to talk about.

I know it’s scary to invite friends, but I encourage you to have courage to do your part in reaching your friends with the good news that God wants to have a good and healthy relationship with them.  You cannot change their lives yourselves, but you can be part of the process. Inviting them will be a great start. God will honor your efforts.

Hope to see you on Friday! – Arthur

Join SOS Saturday!


Hey TD!

It’s Serve Our Society (SOS) Saturday this Saturday! We’ll be going to both the care center and the orphanage! This is a great opportunity to “visit widows and orphans in their distress” (James 1:27) and to be really blessed in the process. It’s a sacrifice of your Saturday, for sure, but that’s the way the Christian life is – a faith worth living for is a faith worth sacrificing for.  If it isn’t, what kind of faith is that anyway?

Meet in front of the Hsiehs’ house at 9:30 a.m. to depart for the care center, and/or meet in front of their house at 12:40 p.m. to depart for the orphanage.

TD Fri. – Meet a Very Special Couple


Hey TD!

I want to invite you to a special TD this Friday with a very special couple from Zimbabwe, Dan and Babs Izzett. Dan is on the Board of Directors of American Leprosy Mission, America’s oldest ministry to those affected with leprosy.  They came to visit TD a few years ago and will be back!

Dan and Babs are a very sweet couple who have a very meaningful story. You see, they both have leprosy. They have such tender hearts for the Lord and for people. You feel a tenderness and presence of Christ when you are with them. I’d love for you to feel that side of the Christian faith.

It will also be an opportunity for you to hear from those in a different stage in life and who have come from very different circumstances. Having both been diagnosed with leprosy, they’ve had to deal with its physical, spiritual, emotional, and social ramifications.
This would be a great opportunity for you and your family and friends to hear of the tenderness of God during difficult times.  See you at TD! – Arthur