A MUST Watch! – Ravi’s Memorial

Video: Inspirational memorial service for Ravi Zacharias

Hey TD,

I’ve told you before how I actually find memorial services very meaningful and powerful, often more than weddings.  I always come away from a memorial service having learned something about how life is to be lived and how to improve the way I live my life.  Well, that was especially true today as I watched the memorial service of my hero and friend, Ravi Zacharias.  Even though I know more about Ravi than most, I came away still being amazed afresh and so richly blessed by his life.  It was transcendent.  Sandra said she felt like Heaven touched earth.  We both came away so amped up to live our lives fully for the Lord.

Friends, you need to watch this.  Don’t skip around and skim through it.  That would be almost irreverent.  Imagine yourself as if you were actually there, like you actually knew him, and just take it in.  Listen carefully, lovingly, compassionately, and feel for his family.  Immerse yourself.  Absorb.  Learn.  Glean.  Observe and pay attention.  There is so much to take away.  You will be the better for it.

Sandra and/or I would love to talk with any of you about Ravi, his memorial service, or anything the Spirit may be doing in your life.  Just reach out!

“Because I live, you will live also.” John 14:19

– Arthur




In Joy Podcast #3 – “Finding Rhythms of Enjoyment” (Angela)

In Joy Podcast #3 – “Finding Rhythms of Enjoyment” (Angela)

If you cannot directly access the podcast via the embedded icon in the post above, please click the link below:

In Joy Podcast #3 – “Finding Rhythms of Enjoyment” (Angela)

Hey TD!

Often, to do something really well means finding your rhythm. That is certainly true in sports, music, studying, … and living life itself.

Have you found yourself out of rhythm in life these last two months while doing school in your pajamas, no longer going to daily practices for extra curriculars, being barred from sports and public entertainment, being with your family SO MUCH, seeing your hair grow long and bushy, and doing church from your bed?

In this third installment of our In Joy Podcasts, Angela tries to help us treasure God and enjoy His gifts during ANY time in life, not just quarantine time, by pointing to  perspectives she calls direct and indirect “Godwardness” and helping us to develop a sustainable rhythm in how we approach life.

Listen and apply! You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

“A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Pt. 2” – The Defense Rests

The Defense Rests Podcast with Abdu Murray

Click above to listen to The Defense Rests

[Abdu] discusses how the Christian can meet the burden of proof, then shift that burden to the skeptic to try to explain what happened to Jesus.  Remember, each side is responsible to present explanations, not just the Christian.

Hey TD!

During the first episode of The Defense Rests, Michigan Super Lawyer and RZIM apologist, Abdu Murray, laid the groundwork for an essential component of ANY trial: burdens of proof.  If you haven’t heard this, you need to:

The Defense Rests: Burdens of Proof

Abdu takes the stand in the next two episodes, A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, to argue for the resurrection of Christ. In the first episode, he explains the differences between “circumstantial evidence” and “direct evidence.” It includes Abdu’s “CASE” acronym setting out four key facts about the historical Jesus that the vast majority of scholars agree on. Abdu argues that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead best explains the facts.

The Defense Rests: A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Pt. 1

This this second episode, Abdu continues the CASE acronym, specifically the S and E, to establish that Jesus really did rise from the dead.  He discusses how the Christian can meet the burden of proof, then shift that burden to the skeptic to try to explain what happened to Jesus.  Remember, each side is responsible to present explanations, not just the Christian.

The Defense Rests: A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Pt. 2

In a clear and understandable way, Abdu treats the listener as the jury as he explains the application of law and rules of evidence as they pertain to oft-debated Christian, as well as atheistic propositions, allowing you to come up with your own verdict.

Listen well and use this time of quarantine to equip and strengthen your reasoning and clarity of thought!

“Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 2”

Living By The Holy Spirit, Pt. 2 (video)

Hey TD!

As we begin another week of the quarantined life, what was once novel is now becoming normal.  The truth is, either we passively allow circumstances, appetites, and feelings to establish our new normal, or we actively determine and plan what our new normal is like.  Though circumstances are different, the process is really the same as when we weren’t quarantined – we either fall into patterns of living or we purposely establish them.  With the Holy Spirit’s help, we can be every bit as effective and joyous as we ever were, if not more so.

Continuing the series we began last week, Living By The Holy Spirit, Robert guides us to better know who this Holy Spirit is that lives in and leads the life of the Christian.  Enjoy and use it to boost your confidence and security in life!



“Living By the Holy Spirit,” Pt. 1

Living By the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1 (video)

Hey TD!

Hope you came out of Passion Week with a renewed passion yourself for our incomparable Godhead.  If you did, and you want to begin living life more under His Spirit’s leading and power, we’re starting a weekly video series on Living By the Holy Spirit, taught by Robert.

This series will be a good way to begin training yourself to walk in the Spirit more and in the flesh less.  Today’s lesson is an introduction that will help pave the way for the lessons to come towards a Spirit-led life.  Enjoy!

Passion Week Podcasts: Day 5 – “The Cross: An Excruciating Glory”

“The Cross: An Excruciating Glory” mp3

(link for those who can’t listen directly on the blog) “The Cross: An Excruciating Glory” link

Hey TD!

Well, today marks our final Passion Week podcast.  It’s the one Daniel saved for the culmination of this series.  It’s a life-altering piece of teaching that should leave you in a good and healthy place.

We pray that you will really take this weekend to give your ALL to the Lord – all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength – in heart-rending surrender and worship.

Perhaps you can take protracted times of Bible study, prayer, singing, learning, podcast listening :), and serving Him.  Whatever it takes to get your soul set on Him, do it … and enjoy!

See you at  “A Celebration of Jesus” tonight!

– Arthur

Passion Week: Day 4 – “The Cross: A Father’s Love”

“The Cross: A Father’s Love” mp3

(here’s the link for those who can’t listen directly on the blog) – The Cross: A Father’s Love link

Hey TD!

Tonight is our final small group of the week before A Celebration of Jesus on Friday night from 8 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Let’s make tonight our best small group yet, and let’s make much of our beloved and incomparable Jesus!

We’ll have our final podcast on Good Friday.  Be sure to listen to the culmination of the series!

Today’s podcast is personal as I share some of my testimony of how I came to Christ … through the love of my late father.  It’s the love of a father that we will focus on today, specifically, the love the Heavenly Father has for His Son.  Today’s teaching may shock you a bit, but the truth of it needs to be heard and known, for it puts everyone in their rightful place.

As usual, after listening, I encourage you to spend time in heartfelt prayer to the Lord, surrendering your life to the One who surrendered His Son for you.

– Arthur