A MUST Watch! – Ravi’s Memorial

Video: Inspirational memorial service for Ravi Zacharias

Hey TD,

I’ve told you before how I actually find memorial services very meaningful and powerful, often more than weddings.  I always come away from a memorial service having learned something about how life is to be lived and how to improve the way I live my life.  Well, that was especially true today as I watched the memorial service of my hero and friend, Ravi Zacharias.  Even though I know more about Ravi than most, I came away still being amazed afresh and so richly blessed by his life.  It was transcendent.  Sandra said she felt like Heaven touched earth.  We both came away so amped up to live our lives fully for the Lord.

Friends, you need to watch this.  Don’t skip around and skim through it.  That would be almost irreverent.  Imagine yourself as if you were actually there, like you actually knew him, and just take it in.  Listen carefully, lovingly, compassionately, and feel for his family.  Immerse yourself.  Absorb.  Learn.  Glean.  Observe and pay attention.  There is so much to take away.  You will be the better for it.

Sandra and/or I would love to talk with any of you about Ravi, his memorial service, or anything the Spirit may be doing in your life.  Just reach out!

“Because I live, you will live also.” John 14:19

– Arthur




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