“A Lawyer’s Case for the Resurrection, Pt. 1” – The Defense Rests

The Defense Rests Podcast with Abdu Murray

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Hey TD!

During the first episode of The Defense Rests, Michigan Super Lawyer and RZIM apologist, Abdu Murray, laid the groundwork for an essential component of ANY trial: burdens of proof.  If you haven’t heard this, you need to:

The Defense Rests: Burdens of Proof

In this episode, Abdu takes the stand to argue for the resurrection of Christ.  He explains the differences between “circumstantial evidence” and “direct evidence.” It includes Abdu’s “CASE” acronym setting out four key facts about the historical Jesus that the vast majority of scholars agree on. Abdu argues that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead best explains the facts.

In a clear and understandable way, Abdu treats the listener as the jury as he explains the application of law and rules of evidence as they pertain to oft-debated Christian, as well as atheistic propositions, allowing you to come up with your own verdict.

Listen well and use this time of quarantine to equip and strengthen your reasoning and clarity of thought!

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