Passion Week Podcast: Day 1 – “God Himself Will Provide”

“God Himself Will Provide” mp3

Hey TD’ers!

A few years ago, Daniel wanted to do something for the Lord for Passion Week that would honor Him and build you guys up.  So, he decided to produce these podcasts as his gift to us.  Thanks Daniel!  Today’s podcast is, “God Himself Will Provide”.

The word holy means to be set apart from all others in a pure and righteous way.  This week is known as Holy Week or Passion Week, and it’s a week to set apart from all other weeks in the year to focus on and remember Christ in a special way.

This year, we will be posting 10 minute podcasts highlighting some pertinent and powerful teaching from the series “The Cross: His Glory, Our Hope,” one of the most important series I’ve ever taught (perhaps my favorite).

Then we’ll spend 30 minutes in our small groups each day (ask your sg leader for the link to your sg’s meeting) leading up to Good Friday, when we will participate in the church’s Good Friday service (7 p.m. – 8 p.m.)  before having “A Celebration of Jesus” (8 p.m. – 9 p.m.)

Will you join us in being extra intentional and proactive about focusing on and loving on our Savior this week? – Arthur

God Himself Will Provide – (here’s a direct link in case you have trouble with the embedded link above)


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