God’s Existence: Who Holds the Burden of Proof – Theist or Atheist?

The Defense Rests Podcast with Abdu Murray

Click above to listen to The Defense Rests

Hey TD!

If you were at the Virtual TD meeting last Friday, you heard that I went to law school for a year.  Perhaps it was a prelude to my son being the lawyer that he is today!

My experience in law school was valuable for a number of reason, not the least of which is how it has helped me in my Christian walk.  Listening to the podcast, The Defense Rests, by RZIM Vice President and former Michigan Super Lawyer, Abdu Murray, was like going back to law school.

In a clear and understandable way, Abdu treats the listener as the jury as he explains the application of law and rules of evidence as they pertain to oft-debated Christian, as well as atheistic propositions, allowing you to come up with your own verdict.

In this first podcast episode, Abdu takes the time to explain a huge fundamental component of any trial: the burdens of proof.

This is huge because every conversation you have with someone about the Lord is a trial of some sort, where God is on trial and you are responsible for keeping the conversation truthful, objective, fair-handed and conducive for the evidence to emerge.  This podcast will help you in that endeavor, as it isn’t always easy to do, especially if things get heated.

TD’ers, I highly encourage you to listen well and internalize this profitable lesson in law!

– Arthur

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