TD Fri. – “Loving Our Neighbors”

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Hey TD!

We had a great February working on the Outward prong, discussing “How We Are Supposed to Live” and getting the chance to live it out during Love One Another Night.  Each small group had a very special time of spending the evening with someone special in our church.  From all accounts, it was a real blessing  – and much needed – in their lives.  One said that she hadn’t had that much fun in years.  It was also a real blessing for each of us that participated.  And that’s no surprise, because loving is fun!  It’s what we were made for, and we are at our very best when we are loving; and we all love being at our best.

This month, we begin expanding that sphere of influence as we look further outward to explore “hows, whys, and what fors” of fulfilling God’s call on our lives to reach our “neighbors.”  It starts this Friday with our study, “Loving Our Neighbors.”

Make sure you arrange your schedules to come and begin grounding yourself in learning how to live out your calling.

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