TD Fri. – “How Has God Gifted You and For What?”


Hey TD!

In continuing our series, “Rebuild: Rehabituating Our Life in Christ”, we will continue exploring the way God made us, both naturally and supernaturally.  If we’re going to keep working on rebuilding our lives more solidly in Christ, then we’re going to have to take an honest and objective look at ourselves to see some of the groundwork of the way God made each of us and designed us to be.

This week at TD, the seniors will help us collectively decipher our Myers-Briggs personality tests and what it means for TD and our church.

We will then work on discovering and working through some of the spiritual gifts God has bestowed some of us in TD with.  It will not only be valuable for each of us personally, but will profit the TD and church bodies as a whole.

Come roll up your sleeves and keep working out your salvation with us on Friday!


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