TD ArtReach-“Art Embodying Miracles” – 12/17/16

Early Italian and Spanish Art: Embodying Miracles

Art Embodying Miracles – Norton Simon Museum Tour/Outing! – Saturday 12/17

Hey TD,

We live in an age of flashing images and sounds – Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter… the list goes on, but our attention span doesn’t. Stillness and silence have become far and few between, and the noisy busyness has permeated our souls to the point where these moments can feel restless and uncomfortable.

So why a museum visit? Because galleries give us an opportunity to slow down and actually see. Coming face to face with significant objects brings us face to face with people across time and space – and as we unpack and understand their stories, we can also better understand ourselves and where we’re heading.
On 12/17, the Norton Simon is hosting a guided tour on how early Italian and Spanish art embodied miracles – right before (and in preparation for) the miracle of Christ’s birth! Come prepared to have your curiosity expand, to see the unfamiliar in the familiar, and to be awed by greatness. As Arthur always says – “When you have the opportunity to be near greatness, seize it!”
Please RSVP to your small group leader or to Rebecca by Wednesday, 12/14/17 – there are only 25 spots available, and admission is free for students! – Rebecca

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