Last Chance: Do Quick Survey, Get In-n-Out!






Hey TD!

There are still 2 days for you to do a quick survey for me and get In-n-Out for you and a friend! Don’t like In-n-Out? Ok, how about just doing it from the goodness of your heart in kindness towards me? 🙂

If you’re not ups to speed, here’s what’s going on:

I am taking a course that is exploring the origins, historicity, reliability, impact, etc. of the Bible.  I have an assignment due soon and I need your help. So, I’ve thought of a way that will accomplish a few things at once (what I call cross-pollinating).  Here’s what I am asking of you:

  • Please answer the 7 question survey below.
  • Please ask a friend outside of church to answer the same survey.
  • For those who complete the assignment by 9/24/16, I will give a $15 gift card for you to take that friend out to lunch/dinner at In-n-Out.
  • Just invite your friend to TD and let him/her know that I would personally like to thank him/her for helping me out, and I will give you guys the card!
  • If you can’t get a friend to answer the survey, I’d still appreciate it if you do.  Thanks!

Here’s the survey: Survey About the Bible




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