I Am Proud of You, TD!


(photo courtesy of Peter Low)

Hey TD!

Well, at the TD Kick-Off, God unexpectedly challenged us right out of the gates to see what we were going to do when presented with someone in need.  We had to make some game time decisions as to whether “the show must go on” or whether we would incorporate and receive what God brought our way.  It was a poignant and powerful time with Gilbert, and I am incredibly proud of the way you responded, in word and in deed.  Your understanding of the situation and your willingness to generously seize the opportunity to be His hands sets the tone for the year ahead, where TD will be more generous, liberal, and joyful with our time, talent, and treasure than we’ve ever been in any year of TD’s history.  And I have a suspicion that we just may be more blessed than ever, as well, in the ways that count.  Great job, TD!  I am proud of you! – Arthur

9/16 – Offerings 5 – “SEE”

We look forward to SEEing you all tonight as we begin to SEE and experience Him perhaps in new and refreshing ways, as well as to encourage those who will be making their Offerings to the Lord.!

(Cherry on the Pipa during Offerings 4)

9/24 (Sat.) – ReThink Student Apologetics Conference

This is always a great time of learning, sharpening, and challenge in order to engage our communities with the credibility of the incredible gospel of Jesus Christ!

RSVP by this Sunday to receive your Total Devotion discount (!!!), where you will only pay $20 for the conference (everyone else is paying $45)!

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