“Food For Thought” video!

Hey TD!

Here’s the Food For Thought recap video that was shown in TD last night!  Perhaps it can help give you an idea or two as you consider how to live amongst you friends as a Christian.  Enjoy!


TD Fri. – Meet TD’s Sponsored Children and More!

Hey TD!

We have an exciting and meaningful TD meeting this Friday, so make sure you come!

  1. We presented the challenge and opportunity for you to change orphans’ lives, and you resoundingly answered the call! I will be introducing you to the orphans whose lives we will be impacting, by God’s grace!
  2. We will also be exploring brokenness, pain, perspective, and our true mission as Christians.

Friday will have teaching, video, music, and story.  Come to get your “alignment” checked and adjusted.  Leave with a stronger vision for the journey.

See you Friday!