Life, Instagrammed

Hey TD’ers,

Life isn’t always what it seems on Instagram or Facebook, is it? In fact, usually not even remotely so.

I watched the video above and read the accompanying story, Split Image, last week, and was left with an ache … an ache for young, beautiful UPenn student Madison Holleran, an ache for her parents and family, an ache for her friends and community.  It’s obvious that NONE of her “friends” on social media saw this coming at all; neither did her family, though they knew Madison wasn’t really herself.

One thing I’m interested in is what you TD’ers think and feel about this story, in particular, and this whole realm of life, in general.  What are your thoughts?  Do you identify at all with her – her struggles, her success, her situation?  Perhaps it’s a friend.  Perhaps it’s you. How does the Bible relate and speak to those in depression?

We’d love to hear any thoughts you have about this story or related issues, TD!

Here’s the link to the accompanying ESPN W article: Split Image

– Arthur

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