No TD, SPCH Tmrw, RC Update

Hey TD,

1. Just a reminder that TD is not meeting tonight!

2.  TD is meeting at my home at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, 4/25, for our monthly ministry to the South Pasadena Convalescent Home.

3.  Here’s an update about RC’s condition:

Update (4/23/15)

Good news: Dr. Sproul is home from the hospital. As many of you know, he suffered a stroke, which required an extended hospital stay. We give thanks to God that there has been no paralysis and he remains his same jovial self. But there are some remaining effects of the stroke that affect his speech and strength. Further, he’s been diagnosed with a diabetic condition that will be addressed through diet and regular medical attention. He is fatigued and in coming days will be concentrating on regaining his strength as well as his speech therapy. Again, Dr. Sproul expresses his thanks for all of the prayers that have been lifted up on his behalf to our merciful, sovereign, and faithful heavenly Father.

Thank you, Lord!

Did you watch “The Lightlings” video on the last post?  Insightful, wasn’t it?

Bearing Light with you,



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