“TD Open House” This Friday!


Hey TD!

Q:  What is the “Total Devotion Open House”?

A: It is a chance for everyone interested in TD to get to know the vision of TD, the people of TD, and the God of TD.

Q:  Who is it for?

A: You TD’ers, your parents, and anyone else interested in knowing more about the ministry of TD

Q:  Can my siblings come?

A:  Of course!

Q: When is it?

A: 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m., this Friday, 1/30/15

We need each of you TD’ers to invite your parents!!!

If you have any questions, let your small group leaders know.  See you on Friday!

– Arthur

Youth Speakers Info Meeting

Hey TD!

If you are between the 10th – 12th grade and are considering participating in the 2015 Youth Speakers Tournament, we will have a mandatory information meeting this Sunday, January 25, from 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. in one of the downstairs rooms on the Main Campus. We will go over everything you need to know!

In the meanwhile, enjoy Alexandra’s speech on Gender Identity that she gave at Ignition last month!

TD Friday – “The Lordship of Christ” and “The Interview”


Hey TD’ers!

One of the most important yet most misunderstood essentials of Christian thought and life is the lordship of Christ.  It really shouldn’t be, but it is … especially in today’s western culture.

We invite you to join us in TD this Friday as Jenny speaks on “The Lordship of Christ.” She will not only bring clarity to the subject, but will also demonstrate why we need to understand it and live it out as Christians in this world.  It’s also a subject you will need to know well in order to serve your friends properly, especially those you interviewed.

In addition, I will explain the next steps in “The Interview” process and give you further direction.  See you at TD! – Arthur

Turn on the … Ignition!

During the final few days of 2014, several of us attended the California Southern Baptist Convention’s youth conference, Ignition, whose theme was “It Matters.”  It was an energetic, lively, and meaningful time of being reminded that everything we think and do matters and affects everyone around us.

One of the big highlights was our very own Daniel, Joseph, and Alexandra giving their winning Youth Speakers Tournament speeches in front of 2,000 of their peers from all over California!  They did an amazing job speaking to and challenging California’s youth, as you’ll see over the next few weeks.

Here’s Daniel’s speech, “Spiritual Discipline That Makes a Difference,” as well as some fun (including backstage) footage!  Enjoy!

Worship at Ignition

Backstage at Ignition with recording artist, Travis Ryan

Recording artist, Royal Tailor (and TD friends!), at Ignition

“The Interview” – what’s next?

Hey TD,

What a tremendous time we had in our small groups.  Many of you came to some real realizations and feel a real responsibility to continue to engage with your friends and love them in His name.  But how?  What’s next?

I gave you an idea on Friday of how to proceed next.  This coming Friday, we will expand and go into more detail about the next step and give you a broader picture of the exciting direction we’re heading in the months ahead.

But in order to experience godly success at this, you’re going to have to prepare yourself well.  As Coach Wooden used to remind, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

You may be asking, “I want to honor the Lord and honor my friends and do this justice.  How can I prepare myself well for the next steps?”

1.  Know this cold –  Living on God’s Terms (Arthur) – mp3 – both in content and intent.  It’s your foundation.

2.  Please be praying through this process – for you, your friends, and for God

3.  Come to TD this Friday.  In addition to giving you direction for your next step, Jenny will be teaching on “The Lordship of Christ,” a vital topic to know well in order to be able to be effective in serving your friends well in the months to come.

If you haven’t yet done your interview or your formal write-up, please do so this week!  It is important that you do so for the next step.  Please ask your small group leader if you need help or want more details.

See you on Friday! – Arthur





“The Interview” this Friday

Hey TD’ers!

Much attention has been given to “The Interview” by the press, the public, and even some governments!  It’s been pretty crazy and, I dare say, a bit much, if you ask me.

“The Interview” that you have been assigned to conduct, however, IS very important!  Several TD’ers have already conducted their interviews and to their surprise, it was not only valuable,, but eye-opening, exciting, and invigorating.


After your interview, you are to do a post-interview write-up that you are to bring to TD this Friday, when we will engage and learn from each other in our small groups.

Ask your small group counselors or interns for the guidelines for the write-up.  If you haven’t done your interview yet and need some prayer or some help, feel free to ask them for that too.

It’s going to be an exciting time at TD!  See you there!