Living on God’s Terms – Interview assignment!

Living on God’s Terms (Arthur) – mp3

Hey TD,

I realize that the assignment I gave you (to interview a person who holds to another world view than you) was too rushed.  So, I’ve put the “due date” as our TD meeting on Friday, January 9, 2015.  When you do your interview, make sure you take notes during the interview.  We would like you to write a out a summary of your interview prior to your meeting that night.

Please feel free to ask your TD counselors or interns for help, tips, prayer, and guidance along the way.  They have lots to offer and can help you.

It is important that you do this assignment, as it will get you off the sidelines and get you into the game.  When you are in the game, your faith and dependence on God increase dramatically.

Living on God’s Terms

Above is the mp3 of Friday’s critical teaching.  I would advise you to listen to it (or re-listen) before your interview, just so you really know the ins and outs of coming to salvation more thoroughly and precisely, both for yourself and for your friends.  It’s some of my clearest teaching on the subject and will definitely help you.


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