You Don’t Want to Miss TD This Week!

Hey TD!

Have you been given “the talk” by a parent or adult yet? Or maybe it was even a well-meaning teacher or counselor? It’s awkward and uncomfortable, isn’t it?

I read an account recently of one father who sat his son down to give him “the talk.” Instead of describing it for you, I asked Daniel if he would re-enact it with me on a podcast. Here’s how it went:

Not everyone has been given “the talk” and not everyone thinks that way, of course, but many do.  And some are your friends.  How can you help them? By coming to TD this Friday!

I will not only help you understand the issues really clearly, but I will help you learn how to dialogue with family, friends, and acquaintences more effectively about them.  I assure you, it will be worth your while.  See you then! – Arthur

* thanks to Richard Everett for providing the content of “the talk” in his writing, “Yes, Father” in Soundbites.


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