TD’ers, please respond … !


Hey TD’ers!

Greetings from Palm Beach, Florida!  Sandra, Daniel, Angela and I are in Florida this weekend to spend the weekend with RC Sproul and family, and some of the key leaders of Ligonier Ministries, for the purpose of refreshment and fellowship, as well as to discuss ministry initiatives and strategic vision to advance the Kingdom of God through His Word and Truth.  We had a rich and challenging time tonight with Dr. Al Mohler and look forward to the rest of the weekend.

“A little bit of theology won’t do; a little bit of doctrine won’t do.” – Dr. Al Mohler (tonight)

He’s right, and tonight we received an advanced copy of a Theological Awareness Benchmark Study commissioned by Ligonier Ministries to measure the theological awareness of adult Americans.  3,000 Americans were surveyed, and the results were sobering.  They will release the results to the public in the near future.  Their hope is that this will help the church to better understand with accuracy the extent of the need to improve proper theological understanding, in order to help refine and fulfill its mission.

As we went over the results, I began to wonder how TD’ers would respond to these questions.  The results would be helpful to the leaders of TD.  Knowing you all don’t really want to spend a long time taking a survey, I decided to split it up over the next several weeks, section by section.

So, if you are a TD’er or TD alum, could you click below and please take the first section of the survey, Beliefs About God?  Thank you! – Arthur

Beliefs About God survey

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