This is Higher Education???


Hey TD!

As the school year is now fully underway for you, there are a host of TD alum who have begun another year of “higher education” at colleges and universities across the country; and I wonder if their time in TD was able to help do its part in supporting, challenging, and equipping them spiritually during their years with us … because for many, it’s a spiritual battle – socially, academically, and spiritually.

A few years ago, one TD alum of a major local public university told me that the professor opened the class asking if there were any Christians in the class; because if there were, they wouldn’t be by the time the semester was over.  Another from a prestigious Ive League school emailed me to tell me that she walked out of her class because of the strong assault on her Christian faith by the professor.

At another prominent private university’s Honors English course, the student showed me the very first writing assignment.  The teacher gave the class two paragraphs to begin their essays with; then the students were to complete the essay by finding evidence to support the opening paragraphs.  Here were the opening paragraphs:

  “In contrast to some of the differences between God and human beings commonly assumed in Western culture, Anthony Heck’s poem ‘Sacrifice’ depicts the God of the Hebrew Bible and human beings as having in common a frightening power to determine life or death, and a terrifying, even capricious will, whether good or evil, whose chief purpose above all else seems to be to command others’ obedience; even a sacrificing of a family’s most basic family values or of the human rights of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

     The Scriptural sources for this poem, Heck implies, represent a God whose chief interest is obedience, not love; whose chief interest is punishment, not mercy; revenge, not justice; fear, not human happiness.  The following textual evidence from Genesis, Exodus, and/or 1Samuel supports Heck’s interpretation of these frightening correspondences between God and human kind.

Finish the essay.”

I asked the student if there would be another essay to be able to present the other side.  He said, no, and asked what he should do.  To hear what I told him to do, listen here.

Should you encounter one of these experiences when you head off to college, how will you respond?  Are you equipped?

This month at TD, we plan to offer you some help:

9/12 – Movie and discussion

9/26 – 9/27 – “RETHINK” Student Apologetics Conference  – We want you TD’ers to come so much that we’ll pay for half of your registration costs.  Just sign up at TD this Friday.

See you this Friday! – Arthur


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