Don’t Miss the Next 2 Weeks at TD!

holiness of godOfferings

This Friday, 7/25 – “The Holiness of God”

Following up on last summer’s series, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” we will explore some of the titanic work of the giants of the faith we introduced you to last summer.  This week, we will watch and work through one of RC Sproul’s most catalytic messages from his titanic series, The Holiness of God.  Come and foster your awe of our awe-some God!

This Saturday, 7/26 – SPCH – meet at 9:30 at the Hsiehs’ home

convalescent home

Next Friday, 8/1 – “Offerings”

TD will be hosting its first showcase of original artistic offerings, created and offered for the Lord’s pleasure and our blessing!  (Thanks for the drawing, Melody!)  Listen to this short podcast to get the details:

Please email Arthur if you plan to partipate!


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