And the Winner is …

Hey TD!  Well, in a few a months, the world will be watching the Acadamey Awards show (aka The Oscars), the entertainment world’s biggest night.  “And the winner is …” will be said over and over again.   Well, one incredible David vs. Goliath story is in the category of Best Song.  Out of the blue, an unknown, unheralded song (with under 4,000 Youtube views) from an unheard of Christian movie received one of the five nominations for best song.  The song “Alone Yet Not Alone” (from the movie of the same name) has Hollywood up in arms.  Passed over are songs sung by the likes of Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Beyonce, and Jay Z.

What’s even crazier is that the song is sung by a singer who has never been professionally trained, who has only 51% lung capacity, and who is a … quadriplegic.  You guessed it.  The singer is none other than our beloved Joni Eareckson Tada!

And what has been happening since last week’s nomination?  A floodgate of national write ups, interview requests, television news stories, and other opportunities to give testimony to the God who will never truly leave His children alone.  The interviews are giving Joni a chance to discuss things like Christianity, suffering, and sin with the secular world.  And Joni is being faithful.

We’ve been in communication with Joni and she needs our fervent prayers and requests them from us.  Would you please be in prayer for Joni during this time, so she can fulfill and carry out what God has intended through this unlikely nomination?  Thank you!

And whether the song wins or not really isn’t the issue.  The victory has already been won.  And the winner is … Joni Eareckson Tada!

Here is the video of the song itself, followed by a link to a GREAT interview/story done on ABC7 News:

ABC7 story on Joni’s Oscar Nominated Song

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