Get the “Fighting For God’s Absolute Best” Bible Study Here!

Hello TD’ers!

Fighting for God’s absolute best isn’t just a message title.  It is what biblical Christianity is.  It’s what we are obligated to do if we wear the title “Christian.”  Will you commit to fight to give God your absolute best this week?

Jenny has written up a very powerful Bible study for us!  But its power can only be unleashed if we spend the time to actually work on it, wrestle with it, and engage with the living God.  If we do, though, our lives will experience great impact and our small group time this Friday will be really meaningful.  It’s one of those studies that needs us to think upon it and work upon it all week, not just for an hour.

PLEASE give God a chance to rock you!  Please prayerfully work on the study each day this week and give God your absolute BEST!  Just click below to download the study and to listen to the message again.  See you all prepped and prayed up on Friday! – Arthur

“Fighting For God’s Absolute Best” (Bible Study)

“Fighting For God’s Absolute Best” (message) – Jenny

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