Ask the Right Question

Hey TD!  When you begin living out God’s calling and purpose for your life, that’s when life begins to hum.  That’s when life gets powerful, fulfilling … and satisfying!  I personally know and know of accomplished Christians who are struggling mightily in the art of living well and living effectively for the Lord.   And then come the myriad of questions.  But rarely come the right questions, based on the right assumptions and facts.  Your starting point, your first step, determines the direction you’ll be heading.  You have to start with the right question.

This 15 minute podcast, “Ask the Right Question,” can make a WORLD of difference in your life if you listen and act with open ears and an open heart.  We pray it will.  (sorry about the sound quality 😦  I didn’t have my normal mic)

We look forward to seeing you at TD this week as Jenny will be teaching on “Fighting for God’s Absolute Best.” (Luke 4:1-13)  It’s going to be deep, challenging, and impacting.  See you there! – Arthur

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