What Will You Give Jesus? Day 11

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and some families are already opening their gifts.  I opened this gift to Jesus last night and couldn’t wait to share it with you!  You TD girls got to hear this live already, but we boys didn’t 😦  Well, now we can 🙂  Thanks Mel, Catherine, and Katherine!  It’s a blessing!

“Gift to Jesus” by Melody Hung, Catherine Wei, and Katherine Tao

Snowflakes falling, children smiling, a waft of apple pie
Families gathering, stars a twinkling, in the cozy night
Warm feelings fill our lonely hearts and we wonder why
Only through the blood of Jesus, we can know this light

It’s Christmas time, gifts are given and received
But the greatest gift is your love for me
All that I can offer to you is my life
Jesus, this is my gift to you

Dear Lord Jesus, lying in the hay
A midst the hopelessness of this life
God of wonders beyond all that I can say
Love amazing, forever mine

Lord of all creation we have come to praise your name
God you are wonderful, so very great
Thank you fro the cross Lord, bearing all my sin and shame
You are so good to me, everyday


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